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Judy Sheng

London College of Fashion
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Judy  Sheng


Judy Sheng embarked on Graduate Diploma Fashion Management, which equipped her with the skills to enter the competitive and complex fashion business environment. After completing her Graduate Diploma, she decided to remain at London College of Fashion to study MA Global Fashion Retailing. We spoke to her about her experience on the course and her progression onto an LCF masters after completing it.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose to study the Graduate Diploma Fashion Management course?

I am currently an MA Global Fashion Retailing student. Before becoming a postgraduate student, I studied the Graduate Diploma Fashion Management (GDFM) course which provided me with a considerable measure of inspiration.

I believe that I made the right decision in choosing to participate in the GDFM programme, as this course not only provided me with knowledge about the fashion industry, but it also helped me develop several important learning skills, such as the capacity to ask questions and to think critically.

Can you tell us about a project you worked on that you enjoyed?

It was the Final Major Project at the end of my course that benefited me the most, as it developed my professional academic research skills. Firstly, I have expanded my understanding of academic research and can summarise large amounts of literature. Secondly, my supervisor trained me on the structure and research methods of an academic paper. Finally, by completing my final academic dissertation, I have obtained a thorough capacity to recognise a problem, pose questions about it, and analyse it.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying to the Graduate Diploma Fashion Management?

I believe that the fashion industry may appear attractive, but there are innumerable detailed tasks involved. The GDFM course also emphasises the development of intellectual and research abilities in addition to creativity. Before enrolling for the GDFM course, I think there are two factors that applicants should confirm: first, their passion for the fashion sector, and second, the topic and subject they desire to investigate and explore.

What inspires you?

My teachers, lecturers, and supervisors can read and acquire knowledge throughout age. They acquire a significant amount of industry expertise and knowledge over time, yet they continue to study and are true lifetime learners.

What skills have you learned on Graduate Diploma Fashion Management that you have been able to practice outside of London College of Fashion?

Firstly, the GDFM course has given me long-term skills, as mentioned above, to retrieve and summarise information. Secondly, through several self-reflection projects of this programme, I have a deeper understanding of my abilities, which will benefit me in future self-presentations and job searches.

What are your plans for the next few years, and where do you want to see yourself professionally?

After completing my MA programme this year, I eagerly anticipate pursuing a job in the fashion industry. I have no ambitious goals for myself in the next few years, I would prefer to find a great platform and a starting point for my career and have the opportunity to learn the basic practical knowledge of the retailing industry.

Have you had interactions with fashion industry links, if so, how?

I actively engage in all LCF-sponsored fashion industry guest lectures and job-seeking activities. In order to connect with individuals in the fashion industry, it is also vital for me to effectively manage my own LinkedIn account.