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Jizuo Luo

Graduate Diploma Fashion Design Technology Alum
London College of Fashion
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Jizuo Luo - Final Project, Graduate Diploma Fashion Design Technology
Jizuo  Luo


Jizuo Luo is a 2020 graduate from London College of Fashion’s Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Technology, and is currently studying MA Menswear.

What was your experience prior to the course?

Prior to the Graduate Diploma course, I had a great interest and foundation in drawing. I studied graphic design at university then engaged in graphic design after graduating.

What was it that attracted you to the Graduate Diploma FDT?

Fashion design has always been an industry that I want to engage with. A graduate diploma in LCF is a way to learn some different experiences outside of MA, which is a good place to learn a good foundation and good creative thinking. I finally came here and my dream came true.

During the course how did your fashion practice develop?

When the project comes, I will research through many ways (library, website, magazine, museum, gallery, etc.) as soon as possible, and then choose a topic by this information that I am most interested in to develop. Let everything start from the sensibility, and go in depth by a lot of experiments to engage it in my own design.

How do you feel the course aided in this?

I think this course is very helpful to my comprehensive development. The main purpose of the course is to improve and strengthen design thinking.

Can you tell us about your final project?

I made a project about dictatorship. It was developed from the comic "Attack on Titan". I got inspiration and key elements from comics. Finally, taking ‘dictatorship’ as the keyword, I engaged in deep research on the relationship between a dictator and the people, research on the structure and skin texture of livestock, sample making, and collage to make this series.

My final series is five line ups, a series of clothes developed with Trump, Hitler, and Mao as the clothing reference combined with chicken as the main elements.

What are your plans going forward?

I am now studying at LCF's menswear MA to prepare for the market.

What advice would you give to potential students who would like to enrol on this course?

Work hard! Follow your heart! Be yourself! Do what you want to do! Always say why not! Don't follow! Don't copy others! You are the one and only!