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Juliet Herrera

London College of Fashion
Juliet  Herrera


Juliet Herrera understands the challenge that most women experience when shopping for clothing: a poor fit. Today, fashion retailers sell for one standard body shape with more and more brands extending sizing rather than addressing the real problem. A Perfect Fit recognises that women have different body shapes and that it is not simply about size and has created an inclusive shopping experience for women, tailored specifically for each primary body shape. The result? A better fit and empowering women to feel more confident in their own body.


What makes your business unique?

I have created a fashion-tech brand focusing on all five main female body shapes where most brands only focus on one or two body shapes i.e. standard and plus size. We started with staple trousers that naturally enhance the female body while lifting the bum. Our next step is expanding to additional products and categories and creating an online marketplace where women can shop based on their specific body shape.

What does the move to Poplar Works mean for your brand?

I am so excited to be part of the Poplar Works programme with the opportunity to also give back to the community and be surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs.

My business will benefit from being supported by the Popular Works community and having a studio environment to thrive in, as well as mentorship and support to help me refine and validate elements of my business plan. As well as access to networking within a talented and ambitious community of fashion entrepreneurs. We’ll gain a lot from the sharing of common challenges and from access to valuable research papers and intelligence through UAL library access.

How will you help grow the creative community at Poplar Works?

I have over 20 years’ experience in the technical fashion area. I am an expert pattern cutter and garment technologist with experience working across the entire production lifecycle from design and fabric sourcing to finishing, sampling garments, fitting and amending patterns, working with technical and costing sheets, grading and following up with garment production. I will share my knowledge and offer guidance across my expertise to other businesses.

LCF at Poplar Works is committed to giving back to the local community through the creative talent housed there. Can you talk a bit about your plans for giving back?

I will hold workshops for residents across various areas of the production lifecycle to support them in areas I know are critical within product development, including pattern cutting, garment technology, fabric and sourcing, technical and costing sheets, grading and other technical areas relating to my experience. I will hold workshops specifically for the local community including sewing classes and will share my personal journey to help motivate those interested in startng their own fashion brand.