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Taylor Rapley

Team Coach
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Taylor  Rapley


Taylor Rapley is an entrepreneur and Team Coach who is passionate about the forward-thinking method of practice and Team Mastery ethos that underpins MA Fashion Entrepreneurship & Innovation. After graduating from the course in 2020, Taylor was encouraged to pursue training as a Team Coach to empower others through their academic journey to attain a high level of performance in their entrepreneurial and creative endeavours.

Taylor has been a part of the London College of Fashion ecosystem since earning his BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing; after which he immediately began his MA in Fashion Entrepreneurship & Innovation to better equip himself with the business expertise and skills needed to build his multidisciplinary creative company, Stronti – which focuses on experiences that blur the lines between fashion, film, music and community development. Taylor’s dedication to his company and enthusiasm for the arts, inspired his MA project, which explored how brands can harness creative storytelling experiences to engage genuinely and deeply with modern consumers.

Whilst working as a Team Coach on the course, Taylor will be preparing his creative company for full launch this coming year.