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Liza Betts

Researcher and Lecturer of Fashion Cultures and Histories


Relevant publications

Working Class Masculinity and Fashion: David Beckham, Del Boy and the Representation of Taste’ (2014). Film, Fashion and Consumption, 3 (3). pp. 211-226. ‘Costuming the Everyday: Interview with James Keast’ (2017). Film, Fashion and Consumption, 6 (1). pp. 25-48. ‘Costume in Literature: What do television adaptations of modern literature 'write' on the body via the clothing used as costume? In: Culture, Costume and Dress; Proceedings of the first international conference’ (2018). Birmingham City University. 10-12 May 2017. Gold Word Publishing, Birmingham/Shanghai, pp. 32-37.


Fashion Cultures and Histories, Critical Issues in Fashion Research, CYP Supervision, International Introduction to the Study of Fashion

Research interests

Screen costume and the language of dress, social class and the politics of representation, class systems and politics, social/cultural inequalities.

Relevant conferences / symposia

‘Del Boy, Beckham & A Sartorial Utopia’. In: EUPOP, July 2014, LCF.

‘Fashion and Football: 'The Spice Boys', Masculinity, Male Bodies and Moments of Contestation’. In: 6th Annual Conference of European Popular Culture, 25-27 July 2017, UAL LCF.

‘The power and control exercised via ‘unexceptional’ small screen costuming: an analysis of small screen representations of classed identities’. In: 2019 ACLA General Meeting 7-10 March 2019, Georgetown University, Washington DC

‘Appropriating the £5 munch’ with Teleica Kirkland. In: 8th Annual Conference of European Popular Culture, 16-18 July 2019, MIC, University of Limerick, Ireland.


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