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Betty New 
        Shi Jie

Betty New Shi Jie

Application technologist
London College of Fashion
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Betty New  Shi Jie


In 2016 Betty decided to further her studies in the cosmetic industry and flew all the way from Singapore to London to undertake the MSc Cosmetic Science at LCF. In this interview she tells us a bit more about the course and her life after graduating.


Why did you choose to study at LCF? What attracted you about this university?

I knew that I wanted to continue pursuing an education in cosmetic science after my diploma and LCF was the only university that covers a wide aspect of cosmetic science, starting from the science behind it, to regulations, devising and implementing product launches. The detailed programme provided me with insights to both the scientific and business aspect of the industry which really attracted me to the course.

Within all the different aspects in cosmetic science, which one do you find the most interesting?

For me, product evaluation is the most attractive part of cosmetic science as it allows us to test the suitability and efficacy of the product that has been worked on for weeks.

What’s the most important skill that you learnt during the MSc?

Critical thinking.

Best piece of advice you received during your time at LCF?

“Be confident” and “you can do it.” When in doubt, it is really motivating to know that someone else believes in you and is willing to place their trust on you.

What have you been working on since finishing your course?

I have been working for a cosmetic colorants and raw materials manufacturer after graduating. Started off as a compounder and was in charge of sample preparation for customers’ request and upcoming exhibitions. Recently, I was given the opportunity to handle a project related to baby care.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in the cosmetic industry?

“Chase your dreams. Choose what you love, love what you do and you will succeed.” It’s a quote by Chan Heng Chee, a very famous diplomat and academic from Singapore.

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