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LCF Fashion Undressed

Imagining Possibilities

An ecosystem of plants and water.
An ecosystem of plants and water.
LCF Fashion Undressed | Imagining Possibilities | Centre for Sustainable Fashion | Studio LP

Imagining Possibilities is a festival for those who engage in fashion daily and those who have never engaged in it. And everyone in between. Join us for a radical celebration as we envision fashion’s role in creating a future where all can thrive.

About the event

By questioning existing logic and assumptions, our festival programme will expand possibilities for fashion to help people live well together in a more-than-human world, shifting the narrative of emergency, to a narrative of emergence into new ways of living.

Visitor information

17 -  20 April
LCF East Bank, 105 Carpenter's Road
London E20 2AR

Festival programme

  • An ecosystem of plants and water.
    LCF Fashion Undressed | Imagining Possibilities | Centre for Sustainable Fashion | Studio LP

    Imagining Possibilities for Fashion Education
    17 April  

    Join us for discussions around the values and purpose of fashion education.
    17 April

  • An ecosystem of plants and water.
    LCF Fashion Undressed | Imagining Possibilities | Centre for Sustainable Fashion | Studio LP

    Time in Nature
    17 April  

    Join Centre for Sustainable Fashion and LCF student Climate Advocates for an afternoon developing learning experiences in, with and for nature across different fashion disciplines.

  • An ecosystem of plants and water.
    LCF Fashion Undressed | Imagining Possibilities | Centre for Sustainable Fashion | Studio LP

    Radical Imagination
    19 April  

    An evening of provocations, performances, vignettes and panel discussions, with pioneering thinkers and artists.

  • An ecosystem of plants and water.
    LCF Fashion Undressed | Imagining Possibilities | Centre for Sustainable Fashion | Studio LP

    LCF Fashion Undressed: Imagining Possibilities
    20 April  

    A day of activities, performances and events, free and open to all, which will explore Centre for Sustainable Fashion' past, present and future.

Saturday 20 April
Full Schedule

Female skaters performing tricks at a park.
Melanin Skate Gals & Pals | © Ali Mohamed, 2024 Tricks

Melanin Skate Gals & Pals

Join Melanin Skate Gals & Pals as they transform LCF's colonnade with a vibrant skate jam and workshop. Since 2021, MSGP have used skateboarding and roller-skating as tools for social change, empowering community and self-expression. This all-inclusive activity fosters inclusivity, celebrating the joy of movement, sustainably! Collaborate with our DJs using our open decks, to create a personalised vibe for a day of shredding and skill-sharing, exploring more broadly how skating culture can inspire a more mindful future. Grab your pre-loved board, skates or borrow kit directly from us, and let's roll towards a better world! Beginners welcome!

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Photograph of Thomas Stankiewitz
LCF Undressed: Imagining Possibilities |© Thomas Stankiewitz, 2020 | London College of Fashion | UAL


NTS resident Thomas Stankiewicz (aka Tommasi) finds inspiration in Iceland's dynamic landscapes. His atmospheric soundscapes blend repurposed film scores, classical fragments, and soulful jazz – a testament to the boundless creativity of nature. Experience his delicately warm curation, designed to spark a shared reflection on sustainability. His music reminds us of our responsibility to preserve the beauty that inspires such sonic wonder.

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Female standing in a clearing, looking at the floor with her hair falling in front of her face.
LCF Undressed: Imagining Possibilities |© Flora Yin Wong, 2022 | London College of Fashion | UAL

Flora Yin Wong: Paradise Lost

Inspired by far flung places in the wilderness, Flora Yin Wong composed her recent album using field recordings from weaving valleys and still lakes to rainforests at night and mountains in Japan. Softly dissonant drones envelop the sounds of rippling pools and rocks underfoot; Flora’s work is a continuous call and response between artist and landscape.

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Photograph of Irish-Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Jæd (aka Jennifer Evans)
Jæd: Aura Surey | © Kristyna Chocholakova, 2021 | LCF Fashion Undressed | Imagining Possibilities

Jæd: Aura Surey

Irish-Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Jæd (aka Jennifer Evans) offers a unique, site-specific performance at the edge of the River Lea. Performing by the water as an invitation to acknowledge the more than human world while exploring themes of sustainability, Jæd plays with the acoustics under the bridge, exploring oral histories and the myth of indigenous Caribbean extinction, inspired by the Taino spiritual message of Aura Surey (morning star) and the traditional Irish song, Sean Nós.

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Choir singers in black and white photo.
LCF Undressed: Imagining Possibilities |Deptford Community Choir © Alma Tisch, 2023 | London College of Fashion | UAL

Sharing the Voice: Community Choir

Imagine the possibilities of a stronger, more connected world! Join the vibrant Deptford Community Choir, where diverse voices unite. Born from dialogue with the community, this choir embodies sustainability – it's about nurturing relationships, finding joy, and building a better future through collective action.  Experience the healing power of music and raise your voice in songs that celebrate nature, community, and the power within each of us to create positive change. No previous experience necessary, just a heart open to song!

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PATOIS logo and model in blue.
LCF Undressed: Imagining Possibilities |© Trinity Ellis | London College of Fashion | UAL

Sustained Protest: Radical Upcycling Workshop

East London fashion design brand Patois directs a revolutionary upcycling workshop for children and adults alike, drawing on the brand’s practice of upcycling school shirts and old uniforms using fabric paint and stencils that represent radical book covers. Bring your old clothes and try out this fun and educational approach to making your clothes new again!

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Lady at a sewing machine creating bright blue garment. Father and son sit nearby.
LCF Fashion Undressed: Imagining Possibilities | © Sultan Ahmed Niloy | London College of Fashion | UAL

Aunty Knows Best: Consulting Clothing Agonies

Talk about your clothing concerns with Indian tailoring experts, Pallavi Chamarty and her aunty Rekha Subraveti, on video call from India, in this ‘agony aunt’ style consultation and demonstration workshop proffering sustainable solutions for growth including wide seam allowances and multiple seam stitches!

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Two men standing on a huge area of wasteland.
LCF Fashion Undressed: Imagining Possibilities | Da Pada | © Sepp Friedhuber | London College of Fashion | UAL

Da Pada: Countering Waste Colonialism

Join decolonial fashion researcher Toyin Gbomedo for a fun, family-friendly workshop, starting with a live performance exploring the Yoruba concept of ‘Da Pada’ (return to sender) and its connection to clothing waste. Get inspired by Toyin's upcycled creations and plan out your own design to transform the old clothes you have at home, into wearable treasures. Get creative and seek guidance from an expert as you near the realisation of your upcycling dreams, with the first stage, sketching on paper! Pens and pencils provided!

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Colourful moss on tree.
LCF Undressed: Imagining Possibilities |Laura Melissa Williams, Mossy Entanglements, 2023 | London College of Fashion | UAL


Dive into the fascinating world of moss and challenge your view of nature. Learn about interconnectedness, resilience, and how this incredible plant can inspire us to live in harmony with the world around us.  Get hands-on with a mossy adventure, explore moss-inspired future worlds through meditation, and unleash your creativity with recycled fabrics.  Leave with a deeper connection to nature and the seeds of a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Two Latin American women standing together, holding hands in string pose.
LCF Undressed: Imagining Possibilities |© Jon Jacobsen 2018 | London College of Fashion | UAL

Colectivo Malvestidas: Combating the Dictatorship of Bibliography

Tired of the same old voices in fashion theory? Join Colectivo Malvestidas as they rip the seams open on academic elitism. Witness Latin American voices literally hung out to dry, revealing forgotten figures in decolonial fashion. This is hands-on rebellion, where clotheslines become a manifesto. Get ready to rethink sustainability in fashion... it starts with whose knowledge gets a platform!

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