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Luis Gomes Da Silva Antas Parada

Lecturer, BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing
London College of Fashion
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Luis Gomes Da Silva Antas Parada


Originally from Portugal, Luis has joined LCF with a wealth of global and professional experience. He has joined LCF as one of the College's new academic posts from the Academic Development Fund, set up in response to student feedback.


Tell us about your professional experience and background?

Prior to joining LCF Fashion Business School and being part of the BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing team as Lecturer in Fashion Marketing, I worked as Tutor and Programme Manager Foundation Year at International Study Centre at Istituto Marangoni – London. However, my experience in education started in Porto - Portugal, initially at CITEX as Course Leader for Marketing, Textile and Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing, Marketing and Fashion Design Lecturer, and later at Modatex as Course Leader Fashion Design - Modatex Porto and Fashion Marketing, Marketing, Fashion Design and Trend Research Lecturer. I also worked as Trend Researcher, co-coordinating the Portuguese Colour Proposal and acted as Portuguese Delegate at InterColor in representation of ANIVEC / APIV, Freelance Consultant @ "from Portugal" - International Textile and Apparel Product Presentation Forums and Freelance Fashion Producer - Catwalk, but my professional experience started in Industrial Environment as Fashion Designer, Account Manager and Freelance Design Consultant.

What inspires and excites you about your area of practice?

Fashion and Marketing are a perfect match. Both are about understanding the environment and predicting desires and reflecting the Zeitgeist – the spirit of the times. Fashion is about change and newness, developing products that meet target audiences wants and needs. Fashion is an expression of individuality and personality. Marketing helps Brands detailing the Market and understanding Consumer and his behaviour, translating the finding into strategies and tactical plans.

Why did you decide to join LCF?

LCF has been a reference for me for quality, innovation and good practices in fashion education ever since I began studying fashion design.

You have joined as part of the Academic Development Fund - what are you thoughts on the fund and its opportunities?

The Academic Development Fund represents an increase in student/staff ratio ensuring an increase in academic and pastoral support, demonstrating UAL engagement in improving students’ experience.

What can students expect from your course?

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing course provides students with the tools to be successful fashion marketing professionals through a combination of theory and industry-focused projects, but also opportunities to develop their own industry network by creating contact between students and Industry experts and promoting industry work placements.

What advice would you give to students wanting to study your course?

Engage with the course and students activities and take advantage of your lecturers, tutors and academic support. Undertake DIP’S - it is an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience, contacts and an overview of the business, but also it will increase your employability. Enjoy spending time knowing your colleagues, creating bonds with them and discovering London together.

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