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Charlie Athill

Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies
Person Type
Charlie  Athill


Relevant publications

'Who Are You Calling a Hackney Twat: Gender and Stigma in Media Representation’

JEA: Journal of Extreme Anthropology, 2 (1): 46-65 (2018)

'Reverse Tomboy: (re)definitions of gender fluidity through sensory engagement with material culture', Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture (Intellect, forthcoming 2020/21)


Fashion History, Culture & Context, Fashion Cultures and Histories, Critical Issues in Fashion Research, Dissertations

Research interests

Gender, the body, beauty, age, taste, material culture, visual culture, popular culture.

Relevant conferences / symposia

'Fashion 8' conference, held by at Oxford University (September 2016);

'Extreme Masculinities' conference, held by Extreme Anthropology Research Network at Vienna University (September 2017)

'Men's Fashion: past, present and future' symposium held by The Masculinities Hub at the London College of Fashion (June 2019)

'Fashion Costume Visual Cultures (FCVC) 2019' conference in Roubaix (July 2019)

'Globalising Men's Style' online conference held by The Masculinities Hub: London College of Fashion (July 2020).


Masculinities hub

Globalising Men’s Style Digital Programme