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Meet MA Fashion Journalism and Content student, Saman

Saman Kazimi| MA Fashion Journalism and Content | London College of Fashion | University Arts London
  • Written byLondon College of Fashion
  • Published date 06 March 2024
Saman Kazimi| MA Fashion Journalism and Content | London College of Fashion | University Arts London
Saman Kazimi| MA Fashion Journalism and Content | London College of Fashion | University Arts London

Renowned for its proactive approach to the rapidly changing global landscape, MA Fashion Journalism and Content Creation blends traditional journalism skills with digital storytelling techniques, multimedia content creation, and fashion reporting.

Through hands-on projects and industry collaborations, you will develop the expertise to craft compelling narratives that resonate across various media platforms. Graduates have transitioned into diverse career paths, including roles in magazine and newspaper journalism, magazine styling and visual storytelling, teaching cultural studies, and contributing to television content development through research and concept creation

We caught up with MA Fashion Journalism and Content Creation student, Saman, who talked about life on the course, from the connections she'd had with industry to her favourite project so far.
Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what motivated you to study MA Fashion Journalism and Content Creation?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and writing. Having completed a BA in Product and Lifestyle Accessories, I ended up working in the interior design industry for about 5 years. Whilst I loved design, I had wanted to pursue my passion for writing in some way.

I’ve always had a curiosity for seeking out the answers and learning about people’s stories, so fashion journalism seemed like the perfect choice. It combined all my interests and UAL is second to none when it comes to Fashion Journalism.

Can you tell us about a project you have worked or are working on, and what aspects you enjoyed the most?

During the Collaborative Challenge module, students from various master’s courses came together to work on projects partnered with industry brands and organisations.

I loved the interaction and opportunity to get to know students from different fields. Each student was able to contribute their unique talents to the project whereby the rest of the group got to learn something new as well.

Our project had students undertaking the entire production of filmmaking, organising the behind-the-scenes, photo-shoots, etc. to building a virtual exhibition and website to access all the content. It was an enriching experience.

Why would you recommend applying to MA Fashion Journalism and Content Creation at LCF?

I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in fashion and writing. Don’t be afraid of not having enough knowledge about fashion or the basics of journalism.

The faculty is amazing, and they will teach you everything you need to know about fashion history, the technicalities of journalistic writing and how to go about navigating the ever-changing fashion media landscape.

It will definitely be challenging, and you may need to push yourself to do a lot more than what you bargained for as it is a master’s course, however the payoff is worth it.

What skills have you learned on the course that you have been able to practice outside of London College of Fashion?

The technical skills I have learnt at LCF such as enhancing writing, graphics and photography have been immensely useful, however, I find it is social skills such as tactfully interviewing people, building professional relationships and cultivating them to come in use later, that have been the wild card.

As a journalist, these are imperative to be successful and this course lays the foundation for us to be able to build upon these skills.

What is the highlight of your LCF experience so far?

My highlight has honestly been meeting my classmates. They are the most amazing group of talented people, and I can’t wait to see everything they achieve. LCF fosters talent and creativity, and being in the presence of like-minded creatives makes you want to do better as well.

Have you had interactions with fashion industry links?

There have been many expert talks that are available to sign up for at LCF. We have also had people in the industry come and give guest lectures for our course specifically which is even better. Being able to pick their brain in a more approachable setting has been immensely useful.

What do you most enjoy about studying in London, and how does being in the fashion capital enhance your learning experience?

London is such a diverse city that I find it doesn’t matter where you come from, you’ll be able to find a piece of home here.

Studying fashion in the fashion capital gives you so many more opportunities, you never know who you might run into. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

What do you enjoy most about studying in the new building?

I was one of the lucky few to be able to study at both the old LCF buildings and the new one in Stratford. Walking up to the new building you can feel its scale, however, it’s the inside that amazed me when I first went.

I love the modern architecture (the staircase is a thing of beauty), the feeling of studying in such a building just fuels your creativity. Also, it doesn’t hurt when everything is state-of-the-art, with all sorts of resources available at your fingertips!