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Dr Anna-Mari Almila

Lecturer in Fashion Cultures and Research Fellow in Sociology of Fashion
London College of Fashion
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Anna-Mari  Almila


Dr Anna-Mari Almila is Research Fellow in Sociology of Fashion at London College of Fashion, UAL. Initially trained as a fashion designer, turned into a sociologist, she writes in the fields of cultural, global and historical sociology. Her topics include the materiality of dressed bodies and their environments; fashion globalization and the history of fashion studies; the historical/political construction of urban spaces; and wine and gender. She loves social theory and (sociology of) wine. She is the author of Veiling in Fashion: Space and the Hijab in Minority Communities (2018). Her edited books include The Globalization of Wine (2019),The Routledge International Handbook to Veils and Veiling Practices (2017) and The Sage Handbook of Cultural Sociology (2016).


Tell us about what you teach on this course

I teach social theory, which is one of the most truly thrilling things in the world of fashion.

What inspires and excites you in terms of your area of practice?

I’m inspired by classical social thinkers and long-term histories. I find it fascinating how many continuities there really are in a world that seems to be focused on seeing change only.