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Lucia Pescatore

Brand Manager
London College of Fashion
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Lucia  Pescatore


Executive MBA (Fashion) alumna Lucia Pescatore has gone on to become Brand Manager for Triumph in Hong Kong. She tells us about her role and her time at LCF.


To begin, can you please introduce yourself and your current role?
Hello, my name is Lucia Pescatore. I am currently working as a Brand Manager at Triumph in Hong Kong.
Have you been in this role before starting the Executive MBA (Fashion)?
I joined Triumph only after I have finished the EMBA. During my studies, I was working as an Operation Manager for Tally Weijl in Switzerland.
Why did you choose to study at LCF?
First of all, I really liked the fact that the course covered many various topics, so I was able to gain a very broad knowledge of the industry. Second, I liked how the course was structured. It was very good for me, that it was a mix of self learning and intense workshops during the study weeks in London. The catch up weeks in London gave me the opportunity to meet many people from the industry and to build up relationships. It was also important to me that I could still work 100% next to my studies.
What would an average day at your job look like?
I usually have meetings with different teams/departments. I also spend a lot of time coordinating various teams and doing preparation work for upcoming meetings, means emails, analysis and power point presentations.
What are the highs and the lows of you current role?
The highs are that I can follow and guide the products from the very beginning to the very end; plus I love working with many different people from various departments together.
The lows are that I do spend a lot of time in front of my computer.
What skills did you learn on your course that you are using in your work?
I was able to gain a very broad knowledge from the industry and got an understanding of all key functions that are crucial within this industry. During the course, we analysed a lot of different companies from all over the world, This  helped me a lot afterwards to put my work and others work better into perspective. It was also a learning for me that there are many different ways that can lead to success.
Where are you from in the world?
I am originally from Switzerland and live and work currently in Hong Kong.
Why fashion?
Fashion is my passion!
What would be the advice you would give to someone who wants to start a career in fashion?
Love the product and work with a company whose values you can relate to and work for products you truly believe in. It's going to be so much more fun!
What’s next for you and your career in fashion?
I will start building up my own business as a Style Coach.