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Corsetry (4 credits)


The corset epitomizes fashion's relationship between what can be seen and that, which is concealed. The cultural significance of this garment shifts with changes in style and social attitudes. From standardization of silhouette to body distortion, from ‘enslavement’ to empowerment through self-expression, the corset manages to survive through reinterpretation pertinent to the zeitgeist.

What never changes however is the necessity for construction process and attention to detail.

In this unit you will create and construct a Victorian corset, to fit yourself.

This is an opportunity to construct the ultimate foundation garment. You will learn appropriate construction methods, using boning, binding, a busk and eyelets. On completion, through lacing you will understand how this garment may change body shape. Recording the making process in a technical file will create your own personal resource to refer to when undertaking related projects in the future.

Suitable for students with machine sewing skills.

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