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Theoretical and Contemporary Fashion Studies (2 credits) - Mandatory

Taste is not definable. It is elusive but also instinctive. Such intuition does not come from thin air, it constantly evolves as awareness of the world increases and the skills to process and prioritise this knowledge heighten.

The three mandatory units are constructed to analyse a broad range of social, cultural, historic and behavioural factors. The premise is that an understanding of the past informs a discerning interpretation of the present and fuels an intelligent anticipation of what is to come.

This course presents key contemporary news, industry strategies and issues in the fashion business, whilst fostering academic debate based on Fashion studies.

You will address the development of certain aspects (sometimes controversial & provocative) of European / Global Fashion within their specific social context, examining different interpretations of taste and consumption, the impact of mass culture, digital media, issues of gender, class, ethnicity and sustainability.

The approach to theory will encourage critical thinking when exploring contemporary phenomena, philosophy and the humanities, linking in practical examples in order to awaken individual creativity to tackle issues and opportunities of the future.

This is a self-directed unit, requiring you to be inquisitive, analytical, and critical. The lectures are merely to stimulate discussion and thought, in order to inspire you to develop your own perspective and opinion on subject matter.