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Menswear Design (3 credits)

Designing for men is no longer the restricted and neglected fashion genre it once was. As men learn to embrace fashion the industry both satisfies and builds demand through ever increasing choice. But with plenty of work still to be done in shifting if not stimulating male consumer habit, there continues to be a pioneering spirit to menswear design.

In this unit you will explore your creative potential, stimulate your imagination and encourage experimentation to develop a personal approach to designing fashion products for men.

Gaining a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the menswear market and understanding what drives and differentiates this aspect of the fashion industry today are key elements in this unit. Informed by this foundation knowledge you will learn how to research, develop and communicate your own design concepts to create innovative and relevant products.
Your instinctive responses to research will be important. Design development will include looking at the principles and elements of menswear clothing and product design to discover the many ways you might interpret research and approaches. You will develop creative skills by experimenting with media and composition to achieve impactful content.
A design research trip, a sketching practice trip plus various assignments will help you discover different ways of using inspiration for the development of original ideas for clothing, accessories, print design and lifestyle objects for the male consumer.
Work and research is discussed on a one to one basis throughout the course. You will present finished work to your peers throughout the course. The unit is suitable for beginners. If you are interested in Menswear Design we suggest you consider taking Footwear Design, Shoemaking, Fashion Styling, Creative Visual Communication, Fashion Drawing, Start a Fashion Label.

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