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British Cultural Studies (2 credits) - Mandatory

Taste is not definable. It is elusive but also instinctive. Such intuition does not come from thin air, it constantly evolves as awareness of the world increases and the skills to process and prioritise this knowledge heighten.

The three mandatory units are constructed to analyse a broad range of social, cultural, historic and behavioural factors. The premise is that an understanding of the past informs a discerning interpretation of the present and fuels an intelligent anticipation of what is to come.

We will encourage you to search for inspiration and knowledge whilst exploring and discovering an 'alternative' London. Part of this will be gaining knowledge of the layers of idiosyncratic behaviour, cultural attitudes and curious customs that define the real essence of a place. You will have the opportunity to explore and discover with the insight of Britishness, and more to the point an understanding of 'Londoness'.

All the classes are field trips. You will participate in a number of guided walks through obscure parts of London (unrelated to fashion), looking behind the scenes and gathering an alternative perspective by observing the mechanics of a city steeped in a complex history. Where do people go, what do they say, how do they talk, what do they eat? The aim of this unit is to 'make a difference' to the way you find, see, absorb, process, and communicate information - in your own individual & personal way.

We want to develop your awareness, individuality and confidence. You will be encouraged to consider originality, creativity, uniqueness - breaking the mould, possibly reconnecting with being a child again, remembering what it was like to suddenly discover new and wonderful things. We want you to take risks, be expressive. Be bold. Speak out. Have an opinion.

Safety doesn't work anymore; those that take risks stand out from the crowd. You will have the opportunity to visit many unexpected parts of the city, where you will gather a personal body of research and experience, which you will take home with you as a memento of your time in London.