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Shoe Making (3 credits)


Understanding the properties of materials and having the technical skill to fully exploit them is a fundamental driver behind fashion. It’s the acknowledgement of traditional skill and craft that sets the parameters for ambitious experimentation with new technologies. Shoe making is a good example of how long established making techniques are still both relevant and essential today.

In this unit you will draft a pattern, cut it out of leather and complete ONE perfect court shoe.

Working intensively you will go through all the processes to make a basic court shoe on a specified last. This is a making unit, designed for students to understand the processes involved in constructing a basic shoe through directly experiencing specialised techniques.

You will gain an understanding of all the stages involved in making a technically accurate and sound pattern as well as hand construction methods. You will have the opportunity to use specialised machinery and equipment in our professional Cordwainers footwear workshops, based at Golden Lane.

Shoemaking would be complimented by the following units: