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Footwear Design (3 credits)

Footwear Design

There are few design product genres that inspire such high levels of variety, ingenuity and individualism as footwear. The shoe, in its infinite number of guises encompasses traditional techniques, new technologies, fashion dialogue as well as self-expression.

In this unit you will explore alternative design methods to produce designs for striking / extreme shoes and then ways to commercially translate these ideas into a wearable footwear proposal.

With a product design approach you will learn about the basic elements of a shoe, foot analysis and foot anatomy, through various exercises you will examine and deconstruct the product itself.

This foundation knowledge will allow you to explore what a shoe can be. You will cover basic and creative footwear drawing, sketching and speed designing, rendering techniques and technical drawing for footwear.

As your ideas evolve you will consider how to present and promote your designs. You will work with inspiration, compile mood, colour and materials boards, learn about the importance of consumer/market research, explore design conceptualization through to design development, design a collection and understand range building.

The course combines an experimental and innovative attitude to shoe design, whilst also exploring the traditional essentials.

Suitable for students with drawing skills.

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