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Fashion Styling (3 credits)

Working towards creating a visual statement that defines a tribe, a trend, an approach, a movement or a mood is a fundamental tool for communicating fashion. Styling spans many aspects of cultural communication and includes fashion editorial, catwalk, commercial work and the music industry. When executed using creative flair, cultural insight and technical skill, it can succinctly define today or even predict tomorrow.

In this unit you will gain first-hand practical industry insider knowledge and learn about the many different roles of stylists today, as well as the opportunities that are on offer.

You will work towards the creation of the 'styled' image. This will include working within teams on a rough shoot to create your own fashion image within a given theme.

You will learn about the many facets of the role of the stylist such as team/project management, the importance of 'art direction', styling to suit a variety of genres, fashion editing and run throughs, catwalk trends, working with a fashion photographer and the differences between conceptual editorial styling and sales driven commercial styling.
Practical workshops including an analysis of your own personal style, an investigation into colour and body shapes, fashion image analysis and effective use of mood boards will help fine tune your skills and develop your own unique approaches.