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Buying and Product Development (4 credits)

Buying and Product Development

Creative, commercial, technical and economic considerations play enormous roles in the development and choice of products within the fashion industry. These considerations inform each other and when balanced will contribute towards a successful product.

In this unit you will be introduced to the major roles and responsibilities within the Product Development Team (PDT) including buyer, merchandiser, garment technologist and designer.

You will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of product development and fashion buying. This includes learning about merchandise planning, strategy, marketing, costing, sourcing and trend forecasting in relation to product development.

Replicating industry working methods within the classroom is a key aspect to how this unit is taught. For one assignment you will work in a small team as is usual in a large buying office. You will also work individually to construct a visually rich report as if you were working as a professional buyer for a retailer.

This challenging and stimulating course offers insight into the mechanics of commercially focused aspects of the fashion industry and is suitable for students wishing to enter into fashion business.