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Trend Forecasting (2 credits)

Trend Forecasting

How does one learn to predict the future? How is it possible? Is it at all possible? How is it that designers do present similar ideas at similar times. There are waves of change that push trend in specific directions. Synchronicity led by informed intuition.

In this unit you will look at how fashion trends begin and how they then evolve to influence a wide range of fashion product areas.

This is a ‘hands on’, creative and interactive class. You will be immersed in the mechanics of this fascinating and complex field through a range of lectures, discussions and workshops. This includes exposure to a variety of forecasting publications and media as well as being guided through the principals of forecasting to appreciate the importance of market intelligence. Analysing the role of trade fairs, magazines, trend agencies, and social media will give insight into how the world of forecasting operates. Challenging how you observe and evaluate cultural influences will inform the development of your fashion ‘instinct’ and ‘intuition’. You will be required to gather, research and evaluate external information as well as build convincing rationale as to why your concepts should work.

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