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Fashion Entrepreneurship and Luxury Brand Management (3 credits)

Fashion Entrepreneurship and Luxury Brand Management

Luxury brands may project the solidity and permanence of an impenetrable fortress, but this contrived deceit masks the creative skill and business acumen of entrepreneurially spirited individuals carefully managing every aspect of their fragile industry.

In this unit you will gain an understanding of the principles and practices behind luxury brand management including economic management, production and distribution channels of a brand.

This unit is aimed at aspiring fashion entrepreneurs who dream of starting or managing a luxury fashion brand and want an overview of the development, planning, marketing and management involved. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the current global luxury brand climate is key to this unit. You will research trends, gain an understanding of Trend Forecasting, and consider who is the luxury consumer.

Through a combination of lectures, discussions and workshops you will gain knowledge of the techniques needed to develop, produce and market a luxury product. Topics covered will include sourcing strategy, production process, target market customer profiling, financially driven marketing strategies, and the broad range of tools with which to present product from packaging to e-commerce.