Fashion Photography (4 Credits)

Fashion Photography

In an image led society photography is a ubiquitous marketing and communication tool. Fashion photography in particular is a highly fluid discipline where without question technical and creative flair are both essential. To achieve good/innovative/compelling results requires accomplished skills.

In this unit you will develop the skills every fashion photographer needs to know and also learn how to use modern technology creatively.

Through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, practical workshops and shoots you will closely examine the relationship between theoretical approaches and realistically achievable goals.

You will consider what type of digital camera to use and why, learn what setting combinations mean and which are best to shoot with, acquire an understanding of terminology, and become familiar with the technology and programmes needed for digital photography.

Understanding the role of the photographer on a shoot is key to this unit. Topics also covered will include how to recognize the potential of available light, the set up and manipulation of studio lighting, appropriate use of movement, the importance of styling, and recognizing technical errors and how to fix them.

This class is for those who are serious about this subject and want to know more about becoming a photographer or working with a fashion photographer in the future.