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Creative Direction for Fashion Media (3 credits)

It would seem that everyone wants to be a Creative Director. It’s one of the most desirable among contemporary fashion opportunities, and certainly used far too liberally as a job description. Creative Direction involves an intuitive creativity heightened by industry knowledge and sound cross-disciplinary cultural awareness. It’s a skill that brings together concept, design, content and strategy to make an aesthetic statement with which to most effectively communicate an idea. Exercised well, it’s a powerful role in the realisation of artistic vision used across the fashion industry to drive marketing strategies.

In this unit you will explore the methods of communicating ideas, curating and editing concepts in order to reach target audiences and convey relevant and complex messages.

This course offers insight into the growing role of Creative Direction as a communication tool for fashion media and fashion business. Researching and analysing contemporary fashion/lifestyle media campaigns and creative projects is key to this unit. Through seminars, discussions and workshops you will have the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of relevant fashion industry working methods, target audience expectations and business goals whilst being pushed towards identifying your strengths and realising your personal vision. This course is recommended to students interested in working in journalism, design, publishing, branding, advertising, curating, creative agencies and general fashion and lifestyle media related projects.

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