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Fashion Journalism

Style journalism uniquely crosses boundaries, effectively uniting areas of art and social culture under one umbrella banner. As with any specialist journalist the necessity is to be first on the scene to identify, meet, report, interview, then distil, craft and write a story choosing words and meaning to bring the moment to life.

In this unit you will learn a number of important fashion journalism principles including how to generate ideas, compile news stories, write trend reports and come up with the questions to conduct successful interviews.

This unit contains a practical and theoretical guide to understanding the disciplines of style journalism. You will be taught and mentored by an experienced industry professional who will pass on how to communicate fashion with authority, in varying styles and writing voices, across multi-platforms and audience.

Each week you will be taught topics from how to generate ideas and research, to the importance of ‘breaking news’ to blogging from the front row; whilst gaining a better understanding of the workings of the industry. High fashion remains a highly organised factory, which works with or without social media.

Each week you will be set homework based on what you learn in class to build up a portfolio of style journalism. This will further improve your writing skills and help your personal style develop.

This unit is not suitable for students whose first language is not English. Fashion Journalism would compliment the following units: Fashion Photography, Fashion Styling, Creative Visual Communication, Creative Direction for Fashion media, Social Media and Online Communication

Fashion Journalism would be complimented by the following units: