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Social Media and Online Communication (2 credits)

In a very short period of time the ways in which written and visual content are disseminated haven't merely changed, they have exploded. The world of marketing is 'noisier' than ever before with ever evolving systems of communication feeding ever growing appetites for consuming information. In a contradictory world where fresh new content is craved but almost immediately discarded an awareness of the complex mechanics of social media is essential to be able to use these languages both strategically and effectively.

In this unit you will examine the evolution of various social media platforms to gain a comprehensive understanding of their current impact and evolving potential. You will then use this research to inform the building of your own personal social media campaign.

Case studies including cultural institutions, fashion brands, cultural movements and individuals in the cultural sector will inform the approach to evolving your own personal project.

Though intuitive and reactive activity fuels the progression of social media, strategic decision making and constant evaluation to generate meaningful analytics are key working methods covered in this unit. Market awareness, consumer habit, trend anticipation and market saturation need to be recognized so that they can be avoided or exploited in the creation of your own distinct and engaging voice.

This unit is suitable for anyone entering an area of the fashion industry where having good social media awareness as well as skill are key.

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