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Creative Visual Communication (3 credits)

Compiling impactful presentations is an acquired skill that can greatly influence the creative process and give a competitive edge when communicating or pitching an idea.

The mood board is a recognized tool with which to express, explain, excite, and/or sell an approach, new product or personal skill. A well-constructed visual board can be a powerful driving or supporting tool and is an impactful nonverbal form of communication used at all levels across the fashion industry.

In this unit you will learn the principals behind creating mood boards and examine situations where they can be used effectively. This will include exploring typography, imagery, colour, texture, layout, composition, style and basic graphic design.

You will be working both physically and digitally combining traditional image making techniques such as collage and sketching with digital media resources. Combining found images and your own photography will be a key element with an emphasis on learning effective ways of using a camera.

As a vital communication tool, photography is used across the fashion industry, often on mood boards and social media. It is an effective way of introducing self-generated content into a presentation to communicate your own unique vision.

There is a photography element within this unit, which will investigate a range of technical and creative approaches, including composition, perspective, light, colour, depth of field, movement, capturing the moment, and expressing a mood.

The need for image gathering, idea development and practice using a camera / smart phone are reflected in the self-directed study element in this unit.