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Student Spotlight: MA Strategic Fashion Marketing student Oisín Hunt


Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
02 March 2020

MA Strategic Fashion Marketing student Oisín Hunt previously studied in Ireland, moved to New York and launched a brand before joining LCF. Last year, he successfully presented his latest Womenswear and Menswear collection at the New York Fashion Week.

We asked him about the challenges of going back to university, launching a brand and what the MA Strategic Fashion Marketing course brought to him as an entrepreneur.

Tell us a bit about your creative journey. What brought you to LCF? 

Before the launch of my brand in 2018, I studied at the National University of Ireland, where I received a BSc in Business and Management.
During my studies, I also worked under a prestigious tailor in Dublin. After completing the Bachelors, I then moved to New York for 4 years.

LCF made sense to me because its history, alumni and module structure allows me to tap into aspects of my business mind that needed to be improved.

What attracted you about the MA Strategic Fashion Marketing course? 

I was attracted to the MA as the modules aligned with what I was interested in learning more about. I was also curious to talk and learn from lecturers and to access the libraries at Central Saint Martins and John Princes Street.

What did you find most challenging in the beginning? 

It wasn’t very easy in the beginning to adapt to being in a lecture again after 4 years of being outside of the education system. Getting back into the “groove” of life as a student was not comfortable, but it is all about being smart with your time and understanding time management.

And what have you enjoyed the most so far about studying at LCF? 

Meeting my classmates, accessing the libraries which has such a rich history of knowledge and an open-source ideology in the libraries allows me to really delve deep into topics I am interested in.

From the projects you’ve worked on, do you have one that you’re particularly proud of?

In particular, I’m proud of my AW19/20 collection, Henrietta Street, which I worked in collaboration with a museum in Dublin using mainly Irish-produced fabrics.

For those interested in joining MA Strategic Fashion Marketing, how would you describe the course? 

It's an amalgamation of things, giving you a 360° perspective of marketing while providing the freedom for the student to explore the various topics in as much depth as they want.

What piece of advice would you give to new LCF students to make the most of their time here? 

Please try to get to know as many of your classmates as possible, as you never know where you will all be upon completing the course. Use the library (even when you’re not cramming for assignments).

Attend the workshops and lectures to gain further insights into the industry.

Also, be aware that this course provides you some self-guided studies and they must be done, or you will fall behind.

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