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Life of Alumni: Alma Rosaz on her life as a photographer


Written by
Fanny Allart
Published date
02 December 2019

Alma Rosaz completed a BA Photography at LCC and graduated from the MA Fashion Photography at LCF in 2018. She is now a photographer based in London, focusing on colourful portraits touching on gender performance and identity. She has been published in many magazines in the U.K, but also France, Australia and South Africa. Her latest collaboration was with Adidas. We asked Alma about her time at LCF and her life as a photographer.

Self portrait

Could you tell us about your journey as a photographer and how you ended up studying at UAL and LCF? 

I have been interested in photography from a young age. I knew London’s artistic reputation and after visiting a couple of universities, I decided to enrol at LCC (UAL) for the BA Photography. I then decided to enrol in a Masters degree in Fashion Film and Photography at the Paris College of Art, and came back to London for a second masters in Fashion Photography.

What did you enjoy the most about your time at LCF?

I really enjoy meeting other creative people and working with them. It was my favourite part of being in LCF.

individuals posing for Prom

You have been published in many magazine print and online now, as well as took part in exhibitions, how has been the transition from student to professional? 

While I was studying, I work to be published and exhibit my photographies. It’s important to start to push your work while studying. I collaborated with other students and creatives to create content and editorials.

However, the transition from student to professional was not smooth. I didn’t know how to write contracts, invoices and how to deal with finances and rates. I would recommend students to get a part-time job in the creative and fashion industry while studying to prepare for the real world.

How do you differentiate yourself in this highly competitive industry?

I believe that fearlessly expressing my creativity in my practice allows my work to have its own different, peculiar, quirky and colourful style which is my own. When clients are attracted to the photographer’s or one of the team members’ personality.

pictures of campaign for gardening shoes

Do you have any plans for the future you can tell us about?

I am now building up my contact and client list to find new photography opportunities. My goal is to shoot for more campaigns, brands’ advertorials and magazines’ editorials. For the moment, I am a model booker and a freelance photographer, and I am working very hard at promoting my photography practice.

What piece of advice would you give students who will soon get out there and try and make it as photographer?

I think part-time jobs in the industry while studying is important. It could be a studio position, assistant position or being in marketing. It’s important to know the industry and not work for less than you deserve.

As photographers, you need to promote yourself all the time. You may have unpaid experiences but take it as an opportunity to meet potential new clients. It’s important to build up a portfolio and experience so you can stop unpaid experience.

I could advise students to create professional accounts on Instagram and LinkedIn to promote your work. Building a great professional presence online is key.

models posing for brand

All image credits to Alma Rosaz. Follow Alma on Instagram and check out Alma's portfolio