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School of Media & Communication Class of 2019: exploring digital futures

SMC - Stephanie Shaw
SMC - Stephanie Shaw

Written by
Alexandra R. and Fanny A.
Published date
03 July 2019

Our #LCF19 graduate season kicks off on Friday 5 July, with mode, medium, message, an exhibition of work from the School of Media and Communication held at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf.

LCF chatted to some of the featured students to learn about their projects and inspirations. They also discussed their time at LCF and shared some really good advice for future students.

In this fourth round of interviews, we hear from the graduates who focused their projects on exploring the development of digital technologies and futuristic approaches to our society.

Ellie Chesby - BA (Hons) Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Performance

My final major project concept is based on the novel 1984 by George Orwell, with character designs based on three main themes: political control, surveillance and technology developments.

This robot-human hybrid is a reflection of what the future society might be like in the year 2284, when technology has developed so much that has overtaken the human body. The whole concept is informed by today’s digital lifestyle, where it feels like we’re constantly watched and heard by many different devices.

During my time at LCF I’ve definitely grown my confidence and my skills — I didn’t know anything technical before I started and now I can create and apply prosthetics and wigs. We have such good facilities here and the technicians are always around to help, they’re amazing!

Stephanie Shaw - BA (Hons) 3D Effects for Performance and Fashion

'Contents of a Garden Shed' is about an alien housewife who inhabits a garden shed, using it as her taxidermy workshop and display room. After reading an online article about a factory chimney emitting bright pink smoke, I got inspired by the unknown element of the story and what might happen behind closed doors in mundane spaces.

I really enjoyed the freedom I had in my course — the ability to find my own practice through each project and experiment with a multitude of different processes was really rewarding. Working in a studio with like-minded people was also one of the most enjoyable aspects of 3D Effects.

At LCF I’ve learned that your university years are the time to really build connections for the future — I’ve met an amazing variety of creative people here! We were always encouraged to collaborate and I definitely would recommend linking up with members from other performance courses.

Clodie Worboys - BA (Hons) Creative Direction for Fashion

SENSERGY is a creative incubator which helps us to better understand our contemporary hybrid-reality: the interplay of our physical and digital worlds. It aims to profile the artwork of emerging artists, offering them new ways to showcase their creations beyond the restrictions of our digital world.

I've always been interested in the digital world, but the unknown space between real life and virtual life was an area I was most intrigued by. Our lives are saturated by our digital surroundings and I believe the physical world is even more precious today than ever before, which made me question the interplay between the two worlds and their importance.

My advice for new students? Collaborate. The quality of your work will always be more effective when you collaborate with the best people for the most appropriate tasks. Also, being creative alone can be very isolating — the more you share your ideas, the better!