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LCFMA19: MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear Class of 2019

MA19 Womenswear Meet the Designers
MA19 Womenswear Meet the Designers
MA19 Womenswear Meet the Designers
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08 February 2019

After last month’s Menswear catwalk, it's now time to put the focus on our next LCFMA19 show: Womenswear. In the lead up to this event, we've been catching up with the students about how they've found the creative process of bringing their designs to life, their experience of studying at LCF and how they've tried to incorporate sustainable practices in their collections. They will showcase their creations at Queen Elizabeth II Centre on Thursday 14 February 2019.

You can see the show via our live stream on the website and keep an eye on our Instagram and Twitter feeds for updates.

A preview of the LCFMA19 Womenswear collections below…

Danyuan Chen

Danyuan Chen - @danyuanchan

For my designs I studied the African colonisation history, exploring how African women were forced to wear Western Edwardian clothes, but still kept their distinctive style as their individual identities. I am very concerned about sustainable fashion, so my whole collection is based on Zero Waste Pattern Cutting, which helps to reduce the waste of fabrics from cloth to garment and can also save costs of production.

Zin Zhang

Zin Zhang - @itszinzhang

My project is based on an ancient Chinese proverb which says: “Small faint hidden in the wild, great hermit lives among crowds”. Through my designs, I’ve tried to portray the ‘hidden’, who have gone beyond the physical appearance to become a purely mental activity. My time at LCF has been the toughest yet happiest time in my life, and it has definitely been a good self-improvement experience -  I really feel like I have become part of the university.

Lingni Zhang
Lingni Zhang

Lingni Zhang - @lingni_zhang

My collection “Unpredictable Contradiction” explores the contradictory relationship between obedience and resistance, restraint and freedom, with clothes and garments being the medium. I’ve been inspired by the works of two artists: the paintings of Hong Konese artist Firenze Lai, and the book Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue by Japanese writer Yamamoto. This MA has allowed me to clearly find my own style and have a deeper understanding of the design process through innovative thinking and training.

Subin Kim

Subin Kim -

My collection is about a reflection of my relationship with life: daydream, escapism and finding oneself. I wanted to visualise them with what I was inspired by artists using quilting pattern and bed sheets, which combined with lace created a totally different texture. From first term to final master project, tutors and classmates have motivated me to work harder and harder.

Missy Wu

Missy Wu - @missy_yue

This collection, titled "The Silent Ones", is about my approach and feelings towards femininity and feminism. The whole project tells the story of my experience as a female, related to lots of feminine elements and gender identity.

Yingzhen Ye

Yingzhen Ye - @superbrendayip

My designs are focused on creative patterns derived from draping experiments with old clothes and manipulating unwoven materials like latex. It’s a collection for those "cool girls" who always dare to be themselves and don't bother to speak to anyone they don't like. This course has stimulated my passion and confidence for fashion design greatly, and it has also prepared me well to enter the fashion industry.

Xiaonan Ma

Xiaonan Ma - @_xiaonan

My collection is inspired by the British gentleman culture in a fusion with the Japanese wabi-sabi culture. The core idea is to maintain the original character, imperfect, mixed with the beauty of the unbalanced incompleteness. Compared to other schools, for me LCF is a magical place. We’ve had enough time to think and find ourselves, and with the proper guidance of my mentor, I found what I really like and I’ve become more confident.

Huidi Zhan

Huidi Zhan - @zhanhd

My collection “Rise from the Ruins” reflects on the pain of women but also the inner strength of the female: they constantly break free from bondage and rebellion, to finally blossom to heal themselves. At the same time, the aesthetics of female are liberated from the male aesthetic and form an independent individual.

Chao Yin

Chao Yin - @chaoyin_yinchao

My project "You cannot see the forest for the trees" was initially inspired by Rachel Whiteread's sculpture artworks and the concept of "ex-formation", proposed by Japanese graphic designer Kenya Hara. By bringing these ideas into my collection, I have tried to challenge people's certainty of existing cognition by keeping the "normal" image but with unusual, interesting and functional details. To future students I would advise them to be humble, and to learn from someone who is working in the industry.

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