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London College of Fashion

Introduction to Fashion Business: Summer School

Introduction to Fashion Business: Summer School

More information:

Fashion today operates within a highly competitive business environment. This fashion business study abroad summer school programme will develop your fashion marketing, merchandising and media skills and you will benefit from our expertise, which makes us one of the foremost global fashion education establishments. We offer a unique and dynamic learning environment, within which you will develop and enhance your individual potential. Our team of specialist tutors, combine their teaching with professional consultancy and freelance work, which guarantees that you are informed of current industry practice. A fashion and culture field trip to Paris is included.

Key information:

Dates: 10 June - 2 August 2019

Duration: 8 weeks

Total class hours: 120 hours

Non-class hours: 120 hours

Credit value: 12 credits

Level: Beginners

Entry requirements: Minimum G.P.A  2.8 and I.E.L.T.S score of 6 (or equivalent)

Information: Dates, Deadlines and Fees


Fashion Business and Product Development (3 Credits)

Contemporary Culture and Fashion Studies (2 Credits)

Fashion Entrepreneurship and Marketing (3 Credits)

Fashion Media (1 Credit)

Styling (2 Credits)

Visuals for Fashion (1 Credit)

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