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Student Stories: Valerie Wörner on Fashion Business at London College of Fashion

LCF group photo
LCF group photo

Written by
UAL StudyAbroad
Published date
08 February 2020

Meet Valerie!

Valerie joined us for a Fashion Business semester at London College of Fashion, UAL. We caught up with Valerie to find out her thoughts on the course and studying in London.

I chose London because it is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world and it was a different city to the ones that I have already lived in

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Valerie, a 21 year old Fashion Business Student from Hamburg, Germany. The last few months I studied at London College of Fashion for my semester abroad.

What made you choose the course at LCF?

Already before starting with my studies in Germany it was a dream of mine to be a student at LCF. Also, because of the high amount of business related classes that I have in my studies in Germany I wanted to take the advantage that you get at LCF to attend more creative courses.

What have you most enjoyed about your time here?

Meeting all of the amazing people from all around the world that are my friends now. Moreover learning so much from people who are really passionate about the fashion industry and getting to know London not only as a tourist but also as a real 'Londoner'.

How has this experience benefitted your career and personal development?

The time at LCF definitely showed me that the creative side of the industry as well as the business part of the industry are both interesting me and that I want to get in a position where I can do both. Additionally I got more self-confident and open-minded because of new challenges and projects.

Why London?

I chose London because it is one of the biggest fashion cities in the world and it was a different city to the ones that I have already lived in (Hamburg and Sydney).

What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying abroad?


Tell us more about what you created while you were here?

I created a Business plan with another student for a start-up brand that we founded in class, a Trendforecasting book for the Autumn/Winter Trends 2020/2021 and different interesting Social Media Campaigns for brands that we chose. I also loved to create my own journal and to draw for the Fashion Drawing Class.

What 3 words best describe your study abroad experience?

Mind broadening, warm-hearted and challenging.

Anything else to add?

I had the absolute best time at LCF for my semester abroad and wouldn’t want to change with anything else. Thanks to everyone who made my time unforgettable.

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