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Fashion Entrepreneurship and Marketing (3 credits)

Fashion Entrepreneurship and Marketing (3 credits)

This unit will provide you with what it takes to create a business in the ever changing global fashion industry. The fashion industry is intensely dynamic, competition is increasing and the consumer has become all powerful so these are challenging yet exciting times in which to develop a label.

This unit is aimed at building entrepreneurial spirit, taking you through the processes of creating a fashion brand from concept to success. You will develop skills and knowledge and a full range of business skills that are needed to start, develop, grow and market a robust brand. You will discover the complexities of running a business and the need to be entrepreneurial in order to survive.  
You will be encouraged to develop a creative and entrepreneurial outlook in setting up, developing and marketing a fashion business.

You will be introduced to key concepts and acquire knowledge of commonly applied business and marketing techniques, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of how the fashion world works. This will enable you to develop, plan and cost a balanced and realistic product offer, develop a brand strategy and examine the complexities of marketing fashion in the 21st century.

You will explore how creative entrepreneurship and effective marketing can result in a sustainable brand that can respond to and grow in a fast paced industry that is driven by change.