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Guest Sessions: BA Creative Direction Students explore artificial intelligence with Browzzin App, finalists of the Drapers’ Best Digital Innovation Awards 2019

Browzzin Talk
Browzzin Talk
BA Creative Direction for Fashion students with Browzzin representatives after the lecture.
Written by
Michelle Ashton
Published date
18 December 2019

Representatives from Browzzin App recently opened a conversation with BA Creative Direction for Fashion students and LCF Graduate Futures team members exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing the evolution of shopping. Alongside Browzzin’s thought provoking presentation was an opportunity for students to network with alumni from Digital Fairy, WGSN and Depop, providing invaluable insights about their creative processes.

Browzzin App is an artificial intelligence-driven platform, which turns shoppers into paid influencers. We caught up with Co-Founder Zean Vo, as she shared how social commerce platforms can creatively merge the online and offline shopping experience.

Browzzin Talk
BA Creative Direction for Fashion students with Browzzin representatives after the lecture.

Hi Zean, thanks so much for flying in to speak with our students! Tell us a bit about yourself and the app…

Hi, thanks for having me! I used to work with a company called Zalora, where I met my Co-Founder, and we identified an opportunity to bring ecommerce to the next level.  We started to see the trends of users’ shopping behaviour change in relation to social content, and wanted to bring together user generated content with ecommerce through technology.

Browzzin is a social media platform focused on fashion. With the app, users can share photos with their community and our technology scans the photo and predicts which fashion items they are wearing, and suggests similar looks and products. This make each users content instantly ‘shop-able’.

LCF Graduate Futures Team with Browzzin representatives.

How has AI enabled your company to stand out?

The biggest problem with AI is that the customers don’t have the opportunity to see and feel the physical product. But there is a lot of room for innovation, especially with brands online, to build their user experience with AI and digitise their decision making process. Digital advancements are meaning other offline businesses need to catch-up. I think Browzzin offers a unique experience for users. We’re not just fashion focused, but content aware. We know platforms today are all about influencer marketing, but we want to be creative with them, and

inviting the users to be part of this process has been really working well for us. Working with our consumers on campaign content has enabled us to draw audiences 30% bigger than previously, because the content is meaningful.

This has enabled us to work with brands and build a catalogue of millions of products coming to the market to date, and our AI technology is helping to monetise the whole process.

Going into industry, do you have any top tips or tricks for success for LCF students?

We are digital humans today, equip yourself with this knowledge and learn about digital marketing, data, email marketing or social media. If you want to run a business and you want to grow your brand, product or service, then having an understanding about how the digital world works will be really beneficial. Secondly,

don’t be afraid, go out there and learn all you can!

Just because you’re a fashion student doesn’t mean you can only work in a fashion environment, and similarly just because you’re a business student it doesn't mean you can't still be creative. Learn along the way, you can always learn more and keep finding meaning in your work.