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Green Gown Awards 2019: LCF receive 2 Highly Commended awards

LCF accepting awards at the green gowns 2019
LCF accepting awards at the green gowns 2019
Green Gown Awards 2019
Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
27 November 2019

The Green Gown Awards 2019 took place at Glasgow Science Centre on Tuesday evening. The Green Gown Awards represents over 1 million students and 100,000 staff members leading the way in their commitments to sustainability within their sectors. This year, LCF were nominated for 4 awards, Benefiting  Society, Enterprise, Next Generation Learning and Skills and Sustainability Champion - Students. After an evening filled with inspiring stories and speakers, LCF were awarded Highly Commended for both Benefiting Society and Next Generation Learning and Skills.

Highly Commended: Benefitting Society - London College of Fashion, UAL
Za'atari: Living our future now with Helen Storey - Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Dress for our time, led Helen Storey, to Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, a home to 80,000 people who have fled the war in Syria since 2012. In 2016, Helen visited the camp to listen and understand the nature and challenges of life there. Three years later and as the first appointed UNHCR Artist in Residence, Helen has co-created multiple practical responses to the consequences of displacement and  is helping enable economic independence for women and developing a new language of the spirit.

Highly Commended: Next Generation Learning and Skills - London College of Fashion, UAL
Better Lives Unit: Embedding sustainability, diversity and social responsibility in fashion education

Better Lives is a dynamic blended unit (blended learning is a mix of online and face-to-face learning) delivered to 1,826 first year undergraduate students and involving 58 members of staff at London College of Fashion.

Newly developed for 2018/19 it introduces students to the college ethos known as Better Lives, which is built around the themes of Sustainability, Diversity, and Social Responsibility. The unit embeds these themes into the thinking and creative practice of our students. They work as a collective to consider how they can become change makers in their respective disciplines which spans across fashion business, design and development and media and communication.

The work they undertake during this unit will shape and disrupt their understanding of the wider world. Not only will they question and explore their practice during their time at LCF, they are also asked to consider how future environments they work and live in can be more sustainable, diverse and socially responsible.

“The institutions recognised here tonight have been truly inspiring and highlight how much positive impact universities and colleges can have on their students, staff and communities." - Elizabeth Passey, Chairman of the University of Glasgow

“The submissions this year were of an incredibly high calibre, tackling a huge array of sustainable development areas. It was a hard process to pick the winners, and it involved over 90 national and international judges."  Iain Patton, CEO at EAUC and co-host of the Green Gown Awards