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Nostalgic Replay x FILA: a Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding project by Jasmeen Hayer

Male model wearing colourful clothes
Male model wearing colourful clothes

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
23 August 2019

BA (Hons) Fashion Visual Merchandisign and Branding graduate Jasmeen Kaur Hayer decided to travel back in time for her Final Major Project, exploring how fashion brands can use the notion of nostalgia in a fresh, positive way. The final result turned into a branding campaign for the sportswear brand FILA, characterised by the use of bright colours and with visuals that take you directly to the 90s in full #ThrowBackThursday style. In this interview, she tells us more about the aim of her project and gives some words of advice to new LCF students.

Hi Jasmeen! Can you tell us a bit more about 'Nostalgic Replay x FILA'?

It's a project that I directed for my graduate Final Major Project, and it focuses on how brands can use nostalgia as a primary feature in branding campaign content to positively connect and influence the millennial market. This specific project directed me into the creative style and path I have built today.

What was the aim of this campaign and the thinking behind it?

After doing my research, I realised that brands didn’t really approach the subject of 'nostalgia' in fashion and if they did, it definitely wasn’t in a positive, colourful and engaging manner.

Psychologists and experts have studied nostalgia and the positive emotional effect it has on wellbeing and mental health. The colour concept incorporated in the campaign reflects the colour therapy techniques used as a tool to help with anxiety and depression.

Image credits - Concept and direction: Jasmeen Kaur Hayer; Photography: Alex Hunt; Model: Kane Erwin

Why did you choose FILA for this project? And have you received any feedback from the brand?

FILA to me always held a strong influence in my childhood and was a brand that brings forth the emotions of nostalgia. At the time of the project, the brand wasn’t very prominent in mainstream media, so it became the perfect choice for me.

I have received some feedback from FILA on the content I created, which meant a lot to me. They told me that they like my work and posted an image from the campaign on their FILA UK Instagram page. I'm in the process of getting more in-depth feedback about the whole concept, so fingers crossed!

Let’s talk a little bit about your time at LCF. Why did you decide to do the BA in Visual Merchandising and Branding?

My journey is quite unique to me. I studied my A Levels in Motion Graphics and Animation and honestly didn’t think about university back then; however, I had always been one for fashion and visual design. In the end, my family and friends encouraged me to pursue a path in fashion. Visual Merchandising and Branding was the perfect choice as it incorporated software and techniques that I had in my portfolio, whilst still introducing me to a whole new world of creative media and design that I wasn’t aware of.

After graduating, now I look back and I realise that going to uni was the best decision I made and worth all of the hard work I put in, as it has led me to be the creative I am today.

Image credits - Concept and direction: Jasmeen Kaur Hayer; Photography: Alex Hunt; Model: Kane Erwin

What attracted you about LCF as a college?

LCF is unique, whether it be the structure of the building, the community of people you meet, students and staff, or the atmosphere within. When I think of LCF and other UAL campuses it feels like home mixed with adventure — everyday there is something new happening in the hallways and new faces to see, yet it is always welcoming. And the JPS campus specifically is in the perfect location to study fashion, a step away from inspiration and creativity.

What key skills did you learn during your course?

Luckily my course was very open rather than being restricted to one skill set. I learnt so many different aspects of visual design, from architecture and drawing, to graphic design and 3D modelling, to styling, producing and directing. They have led me to a variety of different job roles and opportunities in the industry.

Image credits - Concept and direction: Jasmeen Kaur Hayer; Photography: Alex Hunt; Model: Kane Erwin

For you, what was the best of thing of studying at LCF?

The best part of studying at LCF was the international influence and connections. You meet a variety of different people with different skill sets from around the world, including students, lecturers or live projects within the industry.

What piece of advice would you give to Freshers starting the BA Visual Merchandising and Branding this year?

The degree is very much based on your uniqueness and style, so the main advice is don’t be your own worst critic. Avoid comparing yourself to what mainstream brands are doing or what your fellow students are designing.

Most importantly, don’t write off a concept before even sharing it, just make sure it’s true to your style and what you would like to create. Research is key in visual merchandising and branding, so focus on making your skill set strong — once you have all of the relevant research and knowledge, you’ll be able to understand the whole creative process required to achieve an impactful piece of content.