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Essential coronavirus info
We can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students from 19 October 2020. Your safety is our first priority.

LCF Education for the Stratford Move


London College of Fashion works with other East Bank partners to ensure that local school children have skills, knowledge and confidence in arts, science, and technology.

Our move to a single site as part of the East Bank collaboration at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2023 gives us a unique opportunity to review everything we do; from our partnerships to our facilities, to our educational offer.

With extensive student feedback we’ve restructured our courses and revalidated their content and our new credit framework now gives students much more flexibility.

We want all of our students and graduates to a make a difference in the world and champion what’s important to us at LCF. So now all of our first year students take the Better Lives unit - focusing on diversity, sustainability and social responsibility.

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In advance of the move the East Bank partners are working more and more in east London in the hopes of building strong links with the community, underpinned by creative learning opportunities and knowledge exchange.

Our broadening offer in east London includes:


EAST-Education provides summer schools to young people in east London as part of the Mayor's East Education strategy

Fashion Clubs

LCF run after-school clubs in Fashion Business and Fashion Journalism to give young people in east London a taste of potential future careers

Fashion Unit

LCF provides free teaching resources and activities for young people as part of the Mayor's London Curriculum

Schools Innovation Challenge

Young people from schools in east London are invited to design the 'store of the future' with prizes and mentoring

The power of creativity

University of the Arts London believes that widening participation to art and design higher education is essential to nurturing the artists and designers of the future. LCF has such a great array of talent, experiences and skills to share with young people and teachers – our team has already witnessed the positive impact of our staff and students working with young people in East London.

Through this work, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Raise awareness of fashion, in its broadest sense, as an agenda of social change
  • Increase the number of local young people who will progress to higher education, whether with LCF or at wider UAL courses - including those who have least opportunity
  • Raise awareness of the diverse range of careers opportunities available
  • Ignite a passion and interest in young people of the power of creativity and fashion through all stages of their education

Bespoke offer

The East Education project aims to build relationships that will have long-term, mutual benefits, rather than one off events. We are in the process of developing a demand-led offer with local schools to embed creativity and fashion into their curriculum, with the goal of leading to positive creative career choices.

We are developing a forward plan of activities with each of the 12 schools, and are now working on a ‘menu’ of resources for them to access.

The ‘menu’ includes:

  • Curriculum resources for primary and secondary school
  • Fashion clubs currently focusing on journalism and branding
  • Careers events
  • Hosting CPD sessions for teachers.


The Outreach team works with schools, colleges and institutions across London to support young people with opportunities to experience life at our college and gain new skills. We provide workshops at LCF, curriculum enhancement onsite at our partner schools and colleges, CPD for tutors, specialist portfolio advice and a guaranteed interview for one of UAL’s degree courses.