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Top 10 Fashion Photography Instagram accounts you should follow

Series of images with different scenes representing fashion photography
Series of images with different scenes representing fashion photography

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
30 August 2019

Ahead of the new academic year, we've put together a few of our favourite Instagram pages that we think you should definitely follow. Combining current students and alumni, these are our top picks for BA (Hons) Fashion Photography and MA Fashion Photography.

Beatricse Lazar -

This account by BA Fashion Photography alumna will give you lots of ideas on how to make your Instagram feed stand out. She has exhibited her work across different galleries in London and Hungary, and recently collaborated with singer Jimmi Herber for the launch of his new album. Check out her latest editorial project 'Plastic is Pain'.

Brodie Sian Tabernero - @brodiesianart

With photography that would perfectly fit in a Tarantino movie, fans of gore and bloody scenes will be captivated by the work of this MA Fashion Photography graduate. She showcased her final master's project in this year's School of Media and Communication exhibition: 'Fashioned Worlds.'

Calvin Chinthaka - @fashion_calvin

Currently working as a freelance fashion photographer and film director around the world, Calvin has caught the eye of more than 30k followers on Instagram since graduating from BA Fashion Photography at LCF. He's also founder of Equator Project, a documentary imagery project that aims to promote humanity and connect people through photography.

Delysia Jing Ran - @delysia.j.r

If you're a fan of cosplay and get easily attracted to colourful images, this is definitely the account for you. The MA Fashion Photography student has a very distinctive style, often showcasing the world of goths, lolitas and anime all in one space. She's been recently working on her master's project 'Rock Victorian Angel'

Georgios Loucaides - @georgioslouc

Originally from Cyprus, this MA Fashion Photography student has a large experience in fashion, commercial and advertising photography. His work invites the audience to explore a unique world of surrealism, constantly blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.

Han Yang - @yanghanphoto

This MA Fashion Photography graduate has been featured on the covers of fashion magazines from around the globe, with his latest project 'Like a Swan' published in Elegant Magazine. Combining elements of abstract and surrealism, we assure you this Instagram account takes the art of photography to a whole new level.

Jo Fetto - @jofetto

This BA Fashion Photography student is about to start his third year at LCF, and he has already managed to work with big fashion brands like Bulgari. For his personal projects, Jo uses photography as a vehicle to explore themes around sexuality, gender and identity.

Maria Dyshkant - @mariadyshkant

Currently studying MA Fashion Photography, Maria works under her motto "photographs are our reflections." She uses her camera as a tool to document current issues around fashion and societ, combining editorial, documentary and street photography.

Melody Berkery - @melodyberkery

This London based photographer and videographer recently graduated from BA Fashion Photography at LCF. She creates impactful imagery through games of lights lights and shades, reflecting a very personal approach towards editorial photography. Her final project was part of 'mode, medium, message,' the #LCF19 exhibition that showcased the work of students from the School of Media and Communication.

Petra Errico - @petra____rr

Portrait photography gains a whole new meaning on Petra's Instagram account. The Italian filmmaker and photographer captures the natural beauty of diversity, with shots that combine a feminine aesthetic with carefully curated styling and makeup.