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#LCFMA20 Fashion Design Technology Menswear: Class of 2020 — Part I

Various male models posing with different outfits
Various male models posing with different outfits
LCFMA20 collections by MA Menswear students
Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
29 January 2020

We're opening the MA20 season with a very special show this year, where Menswear and Womenswear graduates will be getting together to celebrate the 20 years of MA Fashion Design Technology at LCF. In the lead up to the show, that will take place at Roundhouse on 13 February, we have been catching up with the students that will present their final collections in front of press, industry and alumni. Remember we will be live-streaming the show, so make sure you tune in via our MA20 page and keep an eye on our Instagram feed to join the celebration of LCF's MA Fashion Design Technology 20th anniversary!

Here's a sneak peek into some of this year's collections by MA Menswear students...

Kat Chun Lau — The Katlau Nation

For my menswear collection, I focused on researching various fields around fashion sportswear and athletics, including the concept of enclothed cognition and body movement, looking at the power of garments to change our perceptions, consciousness, feelings and behaviours.

Photographer: Chieh Lin Wu; HMUA: Lupinsa Lee; Assistant: Kenny G.; Model: Natali Mishaa.

'The Katlau Nation' challenges the notion of national identity through the language of flags and colours. To complete all the looks, I’ve created ergonomic flag coats to be worn as second-skin over knitwear and sportswear.

Photographer: Chieh Lin Wu; HMUA: Lupinsa Lee; Assistant: Kenny G.; Models: Natali Mishaa and Alex Bates.

During this wonderful year, I’ve met a lot of talented spirits with whom I’ve shared many enjoyable moments. My time at LCF has had a really meaningful impact on my future as a designer.

Harikrishnan K. S. — Let's Put Him In A Vase

Drawing inspiration from artists like fashion photographer Tim Walker and graphic designer Jean-Paul Goude, for this collection I’ve explored the evolution of human image distortion in different artistic practices.

Making this collection was the hardest thing I've ever attempted in my life, mainly because of the craft elements embedded in the production of each garment. I worked with latex, wool, wood and lacquer using 4 completely different processes.

Photographer: Chung J.; Model: Joshua James Small.

One of the most special moments of this project was learning the regional craft of Channapatna (India). Living with a community of artisans, learning the challenging art of craving wood to create textiles and surfaces, was a life-changing experience.

Kinyan Lam — Fabricraft

For this collection, I focused my research on the Dong cloth, a traditional handmade fabric from southern China. I also applied packing techniques on my pattern cutting, creating innovative silhouettes in menswear.

Photographer: Hui Hai Chen.

This traditional fabric itself carries the significant cultural value of the Dong ethnic. This collection evidences how a traditional craft can be paired with modern techniques with sustainable approaches.

Photographer: Pyae Phyo Thant Nyo; MUA: Lupinsa Lee; Model: Callum Mullin.

In 'Farbicraft', the concept of sustainability was considered from the initial design, choice of fabric to pattern cutting. In fact, sustainability has always been one of the main elements to my design principle.

Keren Xu — Boudoir Repining

I started this collection by picturing an imaginary scenario: A man got laced up in corsetry, lying down on a couch in his boudoir, reading A Room of One’s Own drowsily. This man was put in the position of women to experience and confront femininity directly, as well as to explore his identity.

Photographer: Binger Li; MUA: Habi; Assistant: Chew Chu; Model: Victor Finn.

Breeching and boudoir are at the core of my research for this collection. Both areas express an evolutionary transformation process, crossing the boundaries of femininity and masculinity set up by society through history.

Photographer: Binger Li; MUA: Habi; Assistant: Chew Chu; Model: Victor Finn.

‘Boudoir Repining’ is a collection that includes both restriction and draping, elegance and coquetry, as well as feminine and masculine.

Chia-Hung Su — A Sense Of Wellness

The inspiration for this collection came from my own background and the history of my 2 countries: Taiwan and Japan. I've combined the traditional Japanese aesthetics of Wabi Sabi, which illustrates the beauty in imperfection, with a hint of Taiwanese aboriginal folk culture.

Photographer: Chihting Liao; Stylist: Kriz Chen; Model: Kenichi Matsuoko.

The fabrics I've used for this collection are full of history, making each garment completely unique. I've created reversible jackets and trousers using up-cycled vintage kimonos, and the buttons were all handmade with old coins from Taiwan and Japan.

Photographers: Chihting Liao (centre) and Suthathip Saepung; Models: Kenichi Matsuoko (centre) and Mark Ryder.

Sustainability is fully embedded in my collection thanks to the use of zero-waste practices. All the garments have been created from up-cycled fabrics and materials, and I also created my own natural dyes using the skin of discarded fruits from farmers.

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