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Graduate Spotlight 2015: Kitty Ng

Kitty Ng
Kitty Ng

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08 January 2015

Our final MA Menswear graduate, featured ahead of tomorrow’s catwalk show, is Kitty Ng. In her Graduate Spotlight interview Kitty discusses the importance of traditional handcrafts, studying with an international student body and the vitality of working and living in London.

To see Kitty’s collection and those of the other 11 selected students, tune in to the MA Menswear catwalk livestream on LCF Channel tomorrow at 11am GMT.

Kitty Ng

Image from MA Menswear graduate Kitty Ng’s final collection. Photographer: Felix Cooper, Stylist: Jeanie Annan Lewin

LCF News: Tell us about your final collection?

It’s called Organic Raincoat and is inspired by ancient Asian farmers’ raincoats, which were made from waterproof organic natural plant materials and a variety of handcraft techniques. The collection uses the irreplaceable techniques and skills of traditional crochet craftsmanship. Currently, the industry places a higher priority on profitability and a short production timeline and this ultimately means that some handcraft skills will disappear soon. The world market has already forgotten how to use natural plants to create waterproof fibres and although this project may seem low-tech, it actually includes a lot of high-tech knitting and weaving technology

LCF News: Where did you study prior to your MA at LCF?

I studied BA (Hons) Fashion in the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and an MA in Fashion & Textile Design from the Institute of Textile and Clothing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

LCF News: What are your future plans?

I will stay in London to further develop my skills; I am going to set up my own company/studio. Whilst studying on the course, I felt the vitality of London, its cultural acceptance and inclusion. London is like a fertile land that is growing all of the best designers and everyday I am absorbing different intellects from different people and things. London is a place that is full of talent, you can always collaborate with various other designers and artists.

LCF News: How do you think the course will help you to realise these plans?

This course allowed me to meet classmates from all around the world, and from each of their strengths I learnt different skills and philosophies.  My course leader helped me break through my design style and scope, always allowing me to think out of the box. LCF has also enabled me to build some social networks in the London fashion industry.

LCF News: What advice would you give to anyone considering studying an MA at LCF?

I think London College of Fashion is one of the best – it not only focuses on design creativity, but also on craftsmanship and design details. I think the quality of some LCF students’ work is higher than some of the mature designer brands. Therefore, LCF students must keep focusing on the execution and quality of production for the future of our industry. Make sure you start marketing yourself whilst on the course – after the MA graduation show, there are a lot of opportunities awaiting you.