Angie Lench

Angie is Course Leader for BSc Fashion Management and tells us about her role and what its like to study at LCF with London as your campus!

Tell us about your professional experience and background.

I started my professional career as a graduate management trainee in Selfridges and spent ten fabulous years there as a Buyer/Manager in womenswear before moving on to broaden my experience in fashion. Over the following 15 years I worked in business development, international franchise management and product selection, and senior buying for the likes of Miss Selfridge, Mexx, Adams Childrenswear. I finished my career as Head of Merchandising for Gift and Home for TK Maxx. I moved into teaching post-compulsory education and higher education over 10 years ago, complementing my teaching with postgraduate studies. I first worked at the Fashion Retail Academy teaching a Foundation degree in partnership with LCF, and then I joined LCF full-time.

What do you do in your role as Course Leader?

Along with the senior management and teaching team I keep the course moving forward to ensure that we reflect innovative developments within the fashion business, as well as ensuring the students have the best experience here, in both their studies and their course community. We have a very large cohort across all the years of the course, nearly 400 students, so it is up to me to ensure the quality of our delivery and of our assessment.

What do you think your courses offer LCF students?

The BSc Fashion Management course is a brilliant opportunity to understand the strategic complexities of all major aspects of a fashion business. A graduate from my course can not only specialise in any one area of the business that they love, they also understand how the business fits together. They will also have the ability to properly analyse the business, and help make more informed decisions. This is incredibly important for companies today, and so we are supplying the industry with graduates who have very relevant knowledge.

What do you learn from your students?

That they can rise to the occasion and focus and be determined and be successful. By the time they finish their course they always teach me that mind set is everything, irrespective of where they started and what they have gone through.

What inspires and excites you in terms of your area of practice?

The business of fashion is constantly changing and whilst the principles of the business remain, there is still so much that is new and innovative in global fashion business and retail that I am constantly surprised and delighted by what can be done.

What do graduates of the course go on to do?

We have Fashion Management alumni in businesses from Primark in Reading, UK to Gucci in Singapore. The areas that graduates have gone into include buying and merchandising roles, marketing, events & PR, recruitment, accounting and consultancy. Some have successfully started their own fashion businesses. Because this is a Management degree, some of our alumni have moved into other business areas such as Hotel event management and Shopping Centre events.

And briefly, how would you sum up the LCF experience to prospective students?

London is the most wonderful and creative and fashion-focused city in the world, and is your campus for you whilst you study here at LCF!

Along with all the incredible UAL resources available to you and the experienced staff that are here to guide you and educate you, there is no better place to study if you want to launch your career in the fashion industry.