Ravi Kelay

Ravi is an MA Fashion Journalism alumnus working at ASOS as a Senior Shoot Coordinator. Here he talks to us about his time as a student at LCF and what skills he learnt here and continues to use today.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about what you’re up to now?

My name is Ravi Kelay and I graduated from the MA in Fashion Journalism in 2009. I am now a Senior Shoot Coordinator at ASOS and a freelance producer and stylist.

How did you go about choosing the course?

I chose Fashion Journalism because I was attracted to the variety of different modules ranging from learning about magazine layout to art directing and styling our own shoots, alongside writing.

How did you find your time at LCF?

It was incredibly rewarding, I left feeling prepared for the realities of working in what can be an incredibly fast paced and constantly changing industry.

How was the teaching?

I had an awesome course director and the teaching in general was of a very high standard.

What are the three things you took away from your experience at LCF?

The need to be versatile and to be open to every opportunity, no matter what stage of your career. If you’re not being challenged you aren’t progressing as a creative. The importance of being passionate, hard working and on time! And finally knowing that your path doesn’t have to follow a set pattern, this is your career and as such trust your instincts about what is right or wrong in terms of your long-term goals.

What skills did you learn from the course and are still using today?

Styling, art directing, layout and producing.

Tell us about an average day at your job?

I run a studio at ASOS, and oversee six other studios on an average day at ASOS. I shoot predominantly ASOS own brand product. This involves art directing the shoot and briefing and directing a team comprising two models, a photographer, a stylist and the hair and make up team.

How do you think digital is changing publishing and the media?

Digital media has completely changed the way we engage with and access fashion from looking at editorial to purchasing product. Whilst print will always provide a stimulating and interesting space for creative expression digital media is most definitely where the future of fashion both as a creative platform as well as a business.

What would be your advice to someone considering postgraduate study?

Never give up, keep your eyes open and trust your gut instinct, it’s invariably right.