Lottie Kay

LCF alumna Lottie Kay

Lottie Kay is a Features Writer for todayimwearing.com, a fashion-sharing and shopping site set up by the people behind YOU magazine and Metro.

What made you choose this course at LCF?

It originally appealed to me because it seemed to bridge the gap between having a fair amount of experience under your belt and actually starting your career.

How do you feel your course helped you in your career and did you think you’d end up where you have?

The course definitely helped me. It really improved my knowledge of the industry, made clear what actions I should be taking to begin my career, polished my writing skills and enhanced my creative thinking. There was a period after the course where I thought I’d be interning with grey hair, but it was worth it in the end. The course was definitely the catalyst for getting me to where I am now and I found it a very fruitful learning experience. In fact, myself and my friend from the course (who now works at Marie Claire) still reference what we learned on the course if we get into a pickle at work!

What are your fondest memories of your time at LCF? Do you have any particular anecdote or a project you worked on?

They’re all fond memories! A particular snapshot springs to mind of us all screaming at Photoshop in the library as we desperately tried to put the finishing touches to our final projects – mind you, Photoshop is another amazingly useful skill you learn on the course. Post-project cocktails were also a personal highlight. 

Do you have any thoughts about the tutors, environment and events held by the College while you were here?

Alison Taylor was one of our tutors; she is young, talented, successful, has a wicked sense of humour, and will tell you how it is. This combination makes it feel very real to work with her - she treats it like you’re both colleagues bouncing ideas off each other. The college is a real melting pot of creativity, which ultimately works to coax out your own talent. They make the most out of this by putting on 'mixers' to integrate students on different courses like photography, journalism and design, which can be great to meet potential career contacts.

What would you say to a current or prospective student wanting to do your course?

I would say if you’re thinking about doing the course, then you’ve probably realised you need that extra something to get things going career-wise. That’s exactly why you should go ahead and do it!