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Past exhibitions

  • three models with hair pulled back into ponytails sit on chairs draped with red velvety material, all wearing red sunglasses and dolce & gabbana print garments.
    Hassan Kurbanbaev, Logomania
    The Real Thing  

    The exhibition was curated by Anastasiia Fedorova and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

  • flat lay style image of thread spools on shelves, the shelving is held together by red measuring tape, and in front is a machine weaving a cloth. title PIECEMAKERS repeats across the top of the image.
    Lead Graphic, Photography by Carlos Jimenez

    Curated by Susanna Cordner. Photographs and films created by photographer and filmmaker Carlos Jiménez.

  • piles of BREAKFACTOR exhibition guides on a counter. designed on red card with pink block capital stylised font and letters displaced across the page.
    Exhibition Guide, Photography by Michelle Marshall
    Break Factor  

    Exhibition curated by Polona Dolžan. The Immersive installation Break Factor exploreExhibition curated by Polona Dolžan. Bringing together set designer, Sarah McNabb, fashion designer, Louise Gray, sound designer, Shervin Shaeri and dance artist, Alethia Antonia.

  • red text on purple background, text reads COMME des MAR*ISTS.
    Lead Graphic
    Rainer Ganahl: Comme des Marxists  

    Curated by Camilla Palestra in collaboration with Centre for Sustainable Fashion and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

  • close up of Moschino graphic and text printed denim outfit and quilted down jacket. in the distance a display wall of text titled Garage Girls.
    Exhibition View - Close up of Moschino Denim Outfit and Down Jacket. Photography by Katy Davies
    Super Sharp Reloaded  

    Super Sharp Reloaded and the wider series RTRN II JUNGLE are curated by Tory Turk, it was jointly conceived with Saul Milton and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

  • exhibition space with black display cabinets, showcasing hanging womenswear blouses, and perspex boxes with ornaments, in the distance a few stiletto knee high boots. on the far wall a collage print of footwear designs.
    Exhibition Space. Photography by Unai Mateo Lopez
    Inside Arc  

    Inside Arc was curated by Polona Dolžan and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar The Arc was jointly created by designer Jennefer Osterhoudt and stylist Nick Royal.

  • on the right side a framed portrait of a model in a silver and red kimono influence style garment, with elongated choker and hair styled in large disks. in the middle an interactive display with headphones. on the left a block of text titled 'Shaun Leane / Alexander McQueen'.
    Exhibition Installation View - Shaun Leane, Alexander McQueen. Photography by Katy Davies.
    Fashion Together  

    The exhibition was timed with the release of Lou Stoppard’s book, ‘Fashion Together: Fashion’s Most Extraordinary Duos on the Art of Collaboration’, published by Rizzoli, which can be bought via Claire de Rouen Books. The exhibition was curated by Lou Stoppard and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

  • participants interacting with wooden climbing frame strucutre and slingshot fabric swings, crowds watching in the distance.
    Exhibition Overview, people on swings. Assemble Miami. Photograph by Chris Delgado.
    Polyphonic Playground at Museum of Art and Design, New York  

    Polyphonic Playground was a ground-breaking, playable structure commissioned by Fashion Space Gallery and designed by Studio PSK . It was last on display at Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound at the Museum of Art and Design, New York.

  • a red and black jacket suspended in a display case. To the right a window revealing a street. To the left (behind the display case) a framed photography of the same jacket.
    Red and Black Stone Island Jacket. Photography by Katy Davies.
    Present Imperfect: Disorderly Apparel Reconfigured  

    Present Imperfect explored museal conventions: experimentation and innovation are core objectives of the University of the Arts research Centre for Fashion Curation. Commissioned by Ligaya Salazar, Fashion Space Gallery and presented in collaboration with Centre for Fashion Curation.

  • abstract line and shape art, black ink on white background.
    Illustration- Studio Swine_ Lead Graphic.

    Film by Juriaan Booij + Studio Swine The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue designed by Czech graphics and design collective OKOLO, it includes contributions by Kristen Gallerneaux, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lily Cole, Ligaya Salazar, Karel Veselý and Studio Swine.

  • close up of scuffed black and white boot heels, beside a crushed coca-cola can.
    Photograph- Exhibition installation- The Kompromat boots.
    Laboratory 12  

    Benjamin John Hall, Fashion Space Gallery’s first design resident, took inspiration from current geopolitical issues and espionage. Exhibition Design by Steven Legget. Graphic Design by Nikos Georgopoulos.

  • Distorted image of topless model, body leaning forward, head leaning back within a large plastic green leaf textile.
    Photograph - Bart Hess, Echo, 2011.
    Digital Disturbances  

    Designers included: ANREALAGE, Bart Hess, POSTmatter, Simone C. Niquille and Alexander Porter, Flora Miranda, Texturall and Tigran Avetisyan. Digital Disturbances was curated by Leanne Wierzba and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

  • black and white abstract oil paint effect, close up of a face - closed eyes, with abstract shapes and textures behind and embossed spots / strokes on the face.
    Digital Elements. Lead Photograph.
    Warpaint: Alexander McQueen and Make-Up  

    This exhibition focused on Alexander McQueen’s catwalk make-up and coincided with the major retrospective of his work, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the V&A. Curated by Polona Dolzan and commissioned by Ligaya Salazar.

  • six framed images on exhibition wall, filtered through blue PVC overlay, with middle segment in full colour. Framed images of models in different poses. In focus - images of models falling over, sitting propped against a wall, in multicoloured garments.
    Exhibition View through Blue PVC. Photography by Emmi Hyyppä.
    Fashion Photography Next - Part 2  

    Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next was initiated by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and co-produced with Fashion Space Gallery, London College of Fashion. The exhibition was curated by Magdalene Keaney and is accompanied by a book published by Thames and Hudson, Fashion Photography Next, 2014.

  • multiple hanging dip-dyed dresses in front of a cermaic tiled and cloud decal backdrop. Dresses all white at the top, and dyed in various colours at the botom- blue, teal, green khaki, yellow and orange.
    Exhibition view- Dyed dresses, Sanatorium, 2014. Photography by Katy Davies.
    Simon Costin’s Impossible Catwalk Shows  

    This exhibition featured newly commissioned work by set designer Simon Costin, renowned for his work with Tim Walker and Alexander McQueen, and questioned what catwalk shows could be if the possibilities were limitless. Curated by Ligaya Salazar.

  • skyline photo of the roof garden- people walking across, blue, pink, white, brown and black patterened floor with similar coloured benches of various sizes. Beneath the roof garden we see the busy london cityscape with pedestrians and buildings.
    London skyline, herringbone pattern. Photograph.
    Roof Garden by Studio Weave  

    The rooftop at London College of Fashion, part of the original design for the Central London building, was transformed by architecture practice Studio Weave.

  • close up of a glass sculpted dress with a flame inside. The top half shaped like a corset, and the bottom half made of wired glass elements hanging down.
    Exhibition Installation View - Helen Storey - Dress of Glass and Flame. Photograph by Katy Davies.
    Glasstress: White Light | White Heat  

    This selection shown at Fashion Space Gallery included works by Boudicca, Hussein Chalayan, Lucy and Jorge Orta, and Helen Storey, whose practice bridges the boundaries between fashion and art. Curated by Adriano Berengo and James Putnam.

  • exhibition view of two multicoloured large portrait paintings of Coco Chanel against two blue walls. In between both paintings a mannequin posed wearing a navy unitard.
    Exhibition Installation View of two painted portraits and mannequin. Photography by Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad.
    Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike  

    This exhibition explored the friendship and working practices of two extraordinarily talented, creative women, Californian artist Marion Pike and Coco Chanel. Curated by Amy de la Haye. All objects were lent by Jeffie Pike Durham.

  • close up of structured metallic-look millinery shaped as a curly hairstyle, hanging on a pole. It's shadow on the wall behind.
    Donna, Yasemen Hussein. Photography by Lucien Moolenaar.
    Head On  

    Bespoke hairpieces by Bumble and Bumble and Radio London Hair Salon & Gallery accompanied the head wear. Head On was curated by Leanne Wierzba and Gemma Williams.

  • view of suspended yellow, red and black leather structure, within exhibition shape.
    Exhibition Installation View of leather suspended installation_ Photography by Felipe Fonseca.
    Leather: Second Skin  

    Leather: Second Skin coincided with the 125th anniversary of Cordwainers at London College of Fashion, and was a celebration of the use and interrogation of leather by students, alumni and practitioners at the college. Curated by Leanne Wierzba and Gemma Williams.

  • black and white stylised illustration of woman wearing a triangle shaped garment.
    Laura Laine, Maison Martin Margiela, I. T. Post Magazine 2011. Courtesy of the artist.
    Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration  

    The second in a series of exhibitions that showcased the brightest young talent across the field of fashion. Curated by Ligaya Salazar and Polona Dolžan. The exhibition series was devised by Magdalene Keaney.

  • dramatic black and white photo of model posed arms outstretched in front of a black backdrop. Model wears a form fitting maxi tube dress, and a woven fringe garment behind hair and stretched over arms.
    Derek Lawlor - Designer | Autumn-Winter 2011. Photography by Robert Rowland. Courtesy of the designer.
    New Fashion: Interventions in Materials and Techniques  

    By presenting the work of eight emerging fashion labels, this exhibition explored a number of ways in which young designers are pushing boundaries in the creation of contemporary womenswear. Curated by Leanne Wierzba and Gemma Williams.

  • aged desaturated black and white photo of Carmen and another model posed in an embrace underwater, both wearing diving helmets.
    Photo - Norman Parkinson and Bronson Hartley, The Bahamas, 1959, courtesy of Carmen Dell’Orefice.
    Carmen: A Life in Fashion  

    The first major photographic retrospective of Carmen Dell’Orefice. Curated by fashion illustrator David Downton, Visiting Professor, London College of Fashion, and a close friend of Carmen.

  • David McDiarmid posed in front of a multicoloured, holographic geometric patterned wall. David wears a metalic black shirt and bronze tie, with navy sunglasses.
    Photo - DavidMcDiarmid, Photographer Unknown, 1986.
    David McDiarmid: A Short History of Facial Hair  

    David McDiarmid (1952–95) was an artist, DJ, graphic designer, fashion designer and queer political activist. A Short History of Facial Hair has been digitised and recreated as a film by Fashion Space Gallery, directed by Hermano Silva.

  • mid shot of model posed in front of a blue canvas background. Model has threaded hair wrap braids within messy hair, and is wearing a orange, black and white 'tiger' print fleece hoodie.
    Photo - Iain McKell, Ebony, 2006.
    Iain McKell: The New Gypsies  

    This extraordinary body of work immerses us in this colourful and wonderful world, drawing our attention to the beauty and depth of The New Gypsies as individuals and as part of a community. Curated by Bruno Ceschel.

  • Installation view of three fabric mannequin head and shoulders, wearing different prototype millinery. Left to right, mannequin facing towards camera in a officer style hat, middle mannequin facing right wearing an elegant headdress, right mannequin facing away from camera wearing a hairnet.
    Exhibition installation View - 3 quarter mannequin heads wearing millinery. Photograph by Felipe Fonseca.
    Judith Clark: The Judgement of Paris  

    This exhibition was part of ongoing research by Judith Clark, who is a Professor of Fashion and Museology at London College of Fashion and an independent exhibition maker, into how a story or a chosen history is reconstructed and displayed through the use of mannequins, the selection of clothes and exhibition props.

  • black and white photo of model outdoors, dressed in a large fur coat, with a wolf mask.
    Exhibition. Photo - Fuchs, C-type print, Triberg, 2008. Photography by Julian Abrams.
    Axel Hoedt: Fastnacht  

    Fastnacht is a photographic project by Axel Hoedt. In the making of these images, predominantly portraits, Hoedt travelled across Southern Germany, setting up a portable studio in the villages he visited, and working with a large-format camera.