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Where to find materials as a fashion designer near Stratford

Vibrant fabrics on display
  • Written byLubna Hussain
  • Published date 15 March 2023
Vibrant fabrics on display
Vibrant fabrics | Lubna Hussain

The East End is the home of textile and this region has been producing materials traced back to the 17th century when the French Huguenots arrived in Spitalfields bringing with them the silk industry. You’ll still find plenty of roads named after the garment trades and leaving their history with them such as Threadneedle Street, Petticoat Lane, Silk Street, Clothier Street and more. Today, east London continues to be an important hub for textile production and innovation with many businesses continuing to operate from this area.

Two women working at a weaving loom
Weaving Workshop | UAL
Man and woman working with machinery at a knitting workshop
Knitting workshop | UAL

As a fashion designer, sourcing quality materials at an affordable price can be challenging but fortunately, there are plenty of options nearby that can help you get everything you need without breaking the bank. With Green Street located only around 15 minutes away from LCF’s new campus in Stratford, it is one of the core destinations in finding material stores offering everything you need to create your next masterpiece. The bustling and vibrant strip has been providing aspiring designers with all their needs since it opened its doors in 1958 making it one of the most popular destinations for fashion designers.

At Green Street you will find a wide range of plain fabrics including cotton and silk as well as synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester as well as unique detailed fabrics; perfect for creating garments that are both fashionable yet functional. There’s also plenty of trimmings such as buttons, zippers, and lace to add that extra special touch to your designs while keeping within budget. The shops on Green Street also stock haberdashery items like needles, threads, tassels, and ribbons so you don’t have worry about running out mid-project. There's also the arts shop on campus stocking all the usual art, design and specialist materials for students to purchase so you don’t have worry about running out mid-project.

Three wooden sectional containers in a drawer with threads in shades of colours blue, brown and green
Earthy toned threads | Lubna Hussain

For vintage finds head over to Brick Lane where there are numerous stalls selling second-hand clothing alongside vintage material suitable for upcycling into stylish garments; think tweed jackets turned into skirts or old denim jeans transformed into statement trousers.

And finally, don't forget about charity shops: these often have bags filled with clothes destined for recycling which can provide interesting textures when used creatively in garment making projects. So, whether it's big brand names or bargain basement buys, there really is something within reach whatever kind budget restrictions may exist.

Overall east London is truly an exceptional place with rich heritage, so, if you're looking to source the finest fabrics out there, it’s worth considering buying second-hand or from producers based around here.

Image of vintage clothing on racks with a pair of hands going through it and a Brick lane street sign on the bottom left corner
Brick Lane Vintage Store | Lubna Hussain
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