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Welcome to the Centre for Fashion Curation, UAL.

The Vulgar - Fashion Redefined
The Vulgar - Fashion Redefined
The Vulgar - Fashion Redefined. Centre for Fashion Curation. @University of the Arts London
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Centre for Fashion Curation
Published date
02 March 2018

    Welcome to the first blog from the Centre for Fashion Curation, or CfFC. We’re part of a network of eight research centres across the University of the Arts London, UAL, offering students and the wider community knowledge, rigorous research and outcomes in our specialist fields.

    Our focus is fashion curation – the stories that are told, through clothes and fashion artefacts, about lives lived and personal wardrobes, the fashion industry, social history, curatorial and exhibition interventions, from the perspectives of objects and material culture, to how space is used to inform and engage audiences. The CfFC team of researchers have curated exhibitions, written and produced publications, and presented at conferences and led workshops around the world.

    Visit the CfFC page for more information about our co-directors, our centre members, some of our past projects, and future plans. We also have a Twitter account to keep our followers up to date on events and interesting exhibitions in the UK and around the world. Please follow us, and let us know what’s happening in fashion curation internationally! We also have a bi-monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to.

    As a group of researchers, CfFC aims to be an experimental forum through which we generate innovative methodologies, encourage interdisciplinary practices, and educate future practitioners in the field.

    Through this blog we’ll present our ideas, musings, reviews and updates on projects and the practice of fashion curation to our growing and international audience. But, most importantly, we want to hear your voices: what you think about fashion curation, your experiences of fashion exhibitions and installations, books, events, and your responses to what we present.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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