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The tweet chat round-up: Why fashion matters to society

Why does fashion matter to society?
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24 April 2014

Yesterday a whole host of fashion thinkers joined @LCFLondon and Head of College Professor Frances Corner@FCorner – to discuss why fashion matters to society.

On the occasion of the launch of Frances’ new book, Why Fashion Matters, LCF are hosting three tweet chats to discover more about why fashion really does matter.

Tweet chat number two covered diverse ground again, with thoughts from designers, campaigners, bloggers, academics and students shedding light on the central question: Why does fashion matter to society?

Lots of conversation was generated around how our relationship with fashion reflects our relationships with one another and the problems society faces. Tweeters considered sustainability and waste…

…And also topics which touch upon the Fashion Revolution Day campaign; worker’s rights and our role as consumers and citizens:

Tweeters considered how a diverse society should be represented by diverse fashion images, and whether this was being achieved. This led to thoughts about London as a diverse place with a great range of fashion styles:

Conversations also centred on how fashion is making an impact on different communities across the world, how the fashion media is changing and what this says about our contemporary society, and what qualities a creative graduate should have to contribute to our society. Thank you to all of those who contributed to the conversation and made it so lively and revealing!