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MSc Cosmetic Science students present innovative research projects at Knowledge Exchange Conference

Female scientist working in the lab holding tools
Female scientist working in the lab holding tools

Written by
Alexandra R. Cifre
Published date
08 August 2019

Final year students from MSc Cosmetic Science recently presented their research projects in front of industry and peers during the Knowledge Exchange Conference, hosted by London College of Fashion in June. The event celebrated the course's strong connections with the industry and showcased the innovative contributions that the MSc students are bringing to the cosmetics field. "We're not only leading in Cosmetic Science education, but also making an impact in the industry with our research projects. This is what makes our integrated masters so unique and internationally renowned," says Gabriela Daniels, Programme Director for science courses at LCF.

For course leader Diogo Baltazar, this annual event also helps to prove the need for new research and highlights how industry and academia can work together to have a positive impact on society: "We can do all the research we want, but if that’s not useful to society then it’s worthless. We need the industry to use that research power and knowledge to be able to innovate, so those innovations can reach the public."

During their time at LCF, Cosmetic Science students explore very diverse topics within the cosmetics field, including perfumery, packaging, product development, biology and marketing. On their final year, they get to choose a specialist area to do their research project, which can be a very challenging process according to graduate Juliette Chauvin: "There's so much to read and data to collect, but I think with plenty of time, patience and organisation, we all managed it."

After months of research, getting to present their findings in front of a room full of experts is an invaluable experience for the students, as Diogo mentions: "Students will want to find jobs very soon, so the Knowledge Exchange Conference is a very good opportunity to showcase what they know and their skills."

For graduate Roberta Ion, having access to these industry connections was one of the reasons why she chose to do the MSc at LCF: "The best thing of this course and this university is that it offers you so many things, from placement year to very good lecturers, and even some extracurricular activities that I've been part of that I wouldn't have had anywhere else."

For many students, having the option to study at scientific course in a creative university is also a plus, as this course allows them to combine their knowledge of science with their interest in fashion and beauty: "When I say that I study at LCF people think I'm doing something more artsy and not a science course, and they're shocked to hear what I'm doing is actually very technical. But this also shows that our course isn't just about chemistry, it's also very creative," says graduate Rachel Jia Hui.