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#LCFMA20 Fashion Design Technology Womenswear: Class of 2020 — Part I

Pao Sittiarttakorn, Stephanie Moscall-Varey, In Lee and Chia-Chi Chang
Pao Sittiarttakorn, Stephanie Moscall-Varey, In Lee and Chia-Chi Chang
Pao Sittiarttakorn, Stephanie Moscall-Varey, In Lee and Chia-Chi Chang, Pao Sittiarttakorn, Stephanie Moscall-Varey, In Lee and Chia-Chi Chang
Written by
Jesse Tilley
Published date
03 February 2020

We're opening the MA20 season with a very special show this year, where Menswear and Womenswear graduates will be getting together to celebrate the 20 years of MA Fashion Design Technology at LCF. In the lead up to the show, that will take place at Roundhouse on 13 February, we have been catching up with the students that will present their final collections in front of press, industry and alumni. Remember we will be live-streaming the show, so make sure you tune in via our MA20 page and keep an eye on our Instagram feed to join the celebration of LCF MA Fashion Design Technology 20th anniversary!

Here's a sneak peek into this year's collections by MA Womenswear students...

Stephanie Moscall Varey - Pit Brow, A Spacial Ghost.

The AW20 Pit Brow collection pays homage and respect to the heritage of the mining industry while recognizing the need for innovation and progression. The collection eliminates its own carbon footprint using air filtering fabric.

Living and studying in London has been a blessing. The learning doesn't stop at the studio door, you are immersed in the heart of fashion.

I hope to work for a London based company as a fashion designer, with hopes to create my own brand in the future.
Joao Maraschin - Foreginer Traveller

I named the collection “Foreigner Traveller” because every exchange is somehow a way of stepping into someone else’s territory, which makes the individual a foreigner. The collection celebrates diversity proposing new ideas to create a more inclusive scenario in fashion, especially to a mature demographic. By collaborating with several artisans, companies and creatives I enhance the power of craft and design together, and how fashion can not only inspire but also seed positive and responsible attitude.

I've enjoyed being exposed to a diversity of people and resources. I guess, challenged by a fast-paced environment, at the same time I had all the time in the world to reflect and experiment exhaustively.

The idea is to take this MA collection forward as the starting point for an eponymous brand. By looking at a more inclusive design development, I wish to keep supporting handmade technique artisans as well as the communities they are part of. Perhaps, be able to create a wider community of collaborators, beyond the ones I am already working with.

Thanakhom 'Pao' Sittiarttakorn

This collection is about how the exploration of my own realm of fantasy and how can this fantasy can be twisted into reality.

My favourite thing about my time at LCF is being with a diverse group of classmates who each have a very strong character. Also, I am fascinated by how this course has sculpted me to a higher level than I had anticipated.


I hope to be a part of this industry and continue to do what I am passionate about.

In (Tony) Lee - Nubi

'Nubi' is a reinterpretation of Korean traditional clothing 'Hanbok' through the narrative of the journey. I am a Korean-Australian designer and I believe my dual-cultural background helped me to build a unique viewpoint as a designer. I tried to take Hanbok on a creative journey to show how a traditional dress that is meaningful to me can be translated into something different, with new concepts, designed for contemporary women's wardrobe.

My year was full of diverse classmates around the world from five continents, ten countries. The fact that we were all different was very exciting and influenced each other in a positive and creative way. The staffs and technicians are highly knowledgeable and helpful all the time and we felt like we were encouraged and supported throughout the journey.

I hope to gain more experience in the fashion industry where I can work closely with designers in the studio, while I keep challenging myself and continue my own creative journey. I think London is full of exciting collaborations and I am open to any creative opportunities.

Chia-Chi Chang - Fit-In

This project epitomizes my constant exploration of my own narrative about belonging, while letting quotidian element to define what is a ‘fit-in’, that is the ways and mediation between the subject and object under the belonging system.

LCF's library has the most abundant resource about fashion, tutors with both industrial and research experiences, and peers with different perspectives and voices of design, these are my favorite parts of studying fashion design at LCF.

My next step will be putting my design vision which I have built up during my MA studying at LCF into fashion industry, and find myself a place to belong in fashion.